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    Aug 2014

    The Winning Shoe Break-up Video is...

    Out of the six Shoe Break-up videos voted for, "Laura runs out of Patience" was your clear winner! In this sillier-than-silly dramatic enactment, our foot, Laura, ditches the flat flip flop that's been treating her bad. Claiming the obviously aloof footwear hasn't paid attention to how she feels, or given her the proper support she needs, Laura the foot is THROUGH! But never fear - she walks away with Vionic flip flops featuring Orthaheel Technology!

    Watch Laura confront her flat flip flop in the video below.

    Thanks to everyone who voted for your favorite! You can view and share all six videos on our Vionic Youtube channel.

    If you're new to Vionic, click here to see how our stylish flip flops offer natural support.

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    Aug 2014

    Sports Injury Prevention

    The Expert, Trevor Prior

    Trevor Prior is a leading podiatric expert in the field of sports injuries, diabetic foot complications and surgery. He has worked extensively with elite athletes in a wide range of sports, including soccer, hockey and rugby. Prior currently resides in the UK.

    Prior's Quick Tips for Sports Injury Prevention

    There are a number of factors to consider when trying to avoid sports-related injuries, which all too frequently prohibit exercise and diminish overall bodily fitness.

    • Ensure proper fit. In a vast majority of cases shoes are worn too small, which can cause a number of issues including intense pain and discomfort.
    • Wear different shoes for different sports and activities. While some shoes have multiple uses, it is generally advisable to have shoes specific to each activity.
    • Maintain appropriate conditioning. It is extremely important to maintain flexibility and ensure balanced strength to minimize the risk of injury.
    • Pay attention to symptoms. The onset of symptoms such as the tightening of muscles during activity often signifies an increased risk of muscle strain. If a muscle starts to tighten then you should stop the activity, stretch and resume exercise lightly.
    • Listen to your body. Understanding that there can be daily variations in your ability to exercise and respecting your limitations will significantly reduce the risk of injury.

    For more information on leading expert, Trevor Prior, visit his biography at the Vionic Innovation Lab. 

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    Jul 2014

    at the heart of our brand: #solestory

    What is #solestory?

    #solestory is an initiative to recognize our most evangelical Vionic fans and to celebrate their inspiring stories. These are the fans whose lives have been changed by Vionic with Orthaheel Technology. Their stories are the helping hands that help others discover that with Vionic shoes, the possibilities are limitless.

    (And of course, #solestory is the hashtag you can use if you freakin' love how Orthaheel Technology makes your life better!)

    We recently asked each Vionic enthusiast to share her own #solestory. The photos and videos we received re-affirmed why we do what we do: strive to make the most stylish, life-changing footwear ever.

    We're excited to announce these three stand-out stories...

    Our newest #solestory winners are:

    Emily Dickey, Rockford
    "Vionic shoes make my life better because they make my KIDS' lives better. They LOVE going on walks, the longer the better, and my feet need to keep up!"




     Te-see Bender, Los Angeles
    "I was born with FLAT FEET and they are even FLATTER after having 2 children! VIONIC Makes my feet HAPPY!!!"




    Lee Faulconbridge, Grove City
    "I love the Vionic technology and have found nothing on the market that provides the relief and comfort that these shoes do!"

    Untitled from Consumer Content on Vimeo.


    We can't wait to see each of these fans this Fall when we treat them to a visit here at our corporate office. We're excited to introduce the entire team - everyone from our chief executives to our marketing and ops team members.

    Keep an eye out for their official #solestory videos, just like our first set of stories released this year.

    Thanks for everyone who submitted a #solestory! Your voice doesn't go unheard - we're still talking about all the wonderful photos and captions!


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    Jul 2014

    break up with your flat flip flops

    Those flimsy things... they offer you no support! Check out how our Foot is taking a stand against flip flops that treat her bad!

    Get a kick out of that video? There's more! Check them all out and vote for your favorite in our contest - here!

    And, learn more about Vionic with Orthaheel Technology right here.

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    Jul 2014

    make your summer!


    Summer just got that much sweeter. Get current styles with orthotic technology - up to 30% off.

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    Jun 2014

    Ready, set... breathe.

    Aren’t we always looking for fun ways to stay active? Keyword here = fun.

    Vionic Roga Juliet Kaska 1A stunning backdrop of jewel-blue sky and sparkling water doesn’t hurt, either. That’s why Vionic decided to sponsor this year’s Roga series at the Santa Monica Pier.

    What is Roga?
    Run + yoga = Roga.

    And, since the Vionic movement is all about walking for exercise, we decided to bring a walking element to the event.

    Vionic Roga Juliet Kaska 2This past weekend, we were lucky enough to join Juliet Kaska, noted celebrity trainer and owner of JK Zen Fitness, for an early morning run/walk and a yoga sesh that was nothing short of magical. And 25 lucky participants received a free pair of our Rhythm Walkers as a reward for showing up at the crack of dawn to start their workout!

    Vionic roga Juliet Kaska 3While Roga on the Pier is wrapping up for the season, we’re eager to see what the future holds! Check out to stay updated on future events. And of course, you can always get your own pair of Rhythm Walkers on our website,

    Now get out there and Roga!

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    Jun 2014

    All around the world with Melette Cabot

    Wishing you were here? 


    This dreamy little photo was snapped in Cinque Terre by our latest Guest Stylist, Melette Cabot. She lives by certain well-known laws. Like the one that says a body in motion stays in motion. So she keeps a move on - exploring, learning and experiencing - wearing our shoes all the way. What wonderful places she has seen. It's our pride and joy that Vionic shoes take her everywhere.

    Get set for summer with Melette's favorite supportive sandals for travel. And learn more about her #solestory here.

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    Jun 2014

    There once was a sandal named Lauren...



    Click here to check out the Lauren sandal, a Vionic exclusive for QVC.

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    Jun 2014

    Vionic shoes on Good Morning America!

    No big deal, but our amazing Vionic sandals have been mentioned on Good Morning America!

    Foot specialist, Dr. Jackie Sutera, spoke in a segment about Summer foot health - what bad shoes can do to torture our feet, and what good shoes can do to help.

    You can see the Good Morning America segment about Summer Shoe Dangers below. Right at the end of the segment, one of the hosts brings out a Vionic sandal! Dr. recommended? Yes, they are!

    ABC US News | ABC International News

    Looking for the summer sandals featured? They're here! And in case you're new to Vionic shoes, you can get a glimpse of the features in our sandals by checking out the graphic below.



    It's not to late to help reduce foot problems associated with over-pronation. And we just happen to offer a 30-day guarantee. You can try our shoes, wear them all around (yes, OUTSIDE the house!) and then return them within 30 days if you're not satisfied. Your comfort is that important to us. So... it's time to do some good-for-you Summer shopping. Here. Now.

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    May 2014

    Everyone has a sole story. What's yours?

    Vionic fans have the most moving stories. And, it's testimonials like these that help us take a walk in your shoes and stay fueled to bring you new styles with our life-changing Orthaheel Technology.

    Check out Cindy's #solestory.

    Do you have a story about how Orthaheel Technology has helped you get back on your feet? If you do, please share! Enter our #solestory contest. Get friends to vote on your story and you could win...

    Click here to share your #solestory.

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