the habit of gratitude


When it comes to thanks, Dr. Weil suggests,

“Cultivating the habit of gratitude isn’t a bad idea, especially as we move into the new year. A weekly gratitude journal could keep you focused on the positive aspects of life instead of its frustrations. Simply pausing daily to list a few things you have to be grateful for can enhance your health and happiness.

We all can find reasons to be grateful: people we’re close to, the beauty and bounty of nature, pets and the companionship they offer and, of course, our health.”

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Here at the office, we’re grateful for jobs that contribute to the well-being of foot pain sufferers. We’re also thankful for the view of Mt. Tamalpais out our office windows!

So now we’ll pose the question to you: What are you grateful for?

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  1. One of the best leadership skills I was taught was to remember to say thank you.

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