Virtual Tea and Walkabout Commencement

We hope you were able to join us for Virtual Tea this morning! It was quite a success! In case you missed it, tomorrow we’ll be providing a link to view a replay of the event.

Excellent questions were asked and informative answers were given. For instance, did you know that pregnancy causes ligaments to relax and can cause the foot to actually stretch out? Pregnant women should be wearing proper footwear to support their arches and prevent aches and pains during and after pregnancy. As a matter of fact, Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli and Dr. Andrew Weil both recommend that we all wear properly supportive shoes to actually prevent such issues as we grow older.

New Brand Ambassador, Carol Cain of NYC, was even present at the Tea. She had a couple questions for herself to ask on behalf of everyone curious about beginning a new walking routine. She was even able to meet and speak with Dr. Weil!

After the moderated session and Q&A, Dr. Weil and Phillip Vasyli joined Vasyli employees and a few members of the media to take a stroll around Bryant Park to officially kick off our Walkabout!

It was certainly a successful morning, but today is just the beginning of the 28-day quest for good health. Through rain and sunshine, you owe it to yourself to be happy and healthy! So, take the first step: Lace up a good pair of walking shoes and get out there!

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