Walk. Move. Live!

The pool’s open! Yay! But wait…

Before you settle into that lounge chair by the water for a little R&R and Vitamin D, we recommend you still get your body’s daily need for exercise.

Read this brief excerpt from Drweil.com where Dr. Weil speaks to the benefits of walking for exercise.

Vionic Shoes offers fun colors and styles of fashionable summer sandals“Walking may not burn as many calories as running, but it offers the great advantage of being a practical substitute to driving for short trips, since you can do it in street clothes and you don’t typically arrive in need of a shower. Further, it requires no skill or practice. Everyone knows how to do it, and the only equipment you need is a good pair of shoes. You can walk outdoors or indoors (in shopping malls, for example). It is the safest exercise option of all, with the least chance of injury. The main problem with walking as a principal aerobic activity is that you can easily fail to do it strenuously enough to get the conditioning benefits of exercise. Aerobic walking cannot be casual or intermittent, and it takes a little more time than the other options. You should be able to walk about three miles in forty-five minutes.” – Andrew Weil M.D.

In need of a good pair of summer sandals to get you through those miles in comfort? We’ve got ’em. Arch support, orthotic technology and style. Start your summer off by doing something good for your body. (And then you can go relax by the pool. We plan on it too.)


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