while its still hot.

While we’re incredibly excited about our Fall shoes, we’re perfectly aware that it’s still scorching around most of the country! Many people are still looking for cool footwear solutions for another month or so. That said, we stress the importance of choosing smart summer sandals.

In a recent Q&A posted to his website, Dr. Weil gave some thoughts on the iconic summer shoe – the flip flop. “Although most flip-flops will certainly help keep your feet well ventilated, not all flip-flops are created equal.” He goes on to say, “A much better summer footwear choice is flip-flops or sandals that feature built-in orthotic support. Instead of allowing the foot to flatten and tilt inward – which can lead to an uncomfortable gait, pain and possibly injury – these are engineered to keep the foot, ankle and lower leg in proper alignment and pain-free.”

See the rest of Dr. Weil’s recommendations for The Best Summer Footwear here.

Dr. Weil recommends Orthaheel sandals and has his own collection of shoes and sandals with Orthaheel Technology called Weil Integrative Footwear.

The best part? Our Sandals are ON SALE! Not just the last of the last either. Those coveted size 8’s are still available in many styles and colors.

Now grab a pair while its still hot and enjoy the rest of Summer with lots of support and relief from heel pain!

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