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  1. How do I participate in Vionic's Stepping Up the Classroom?

    Phase 1: Complete the form, with required supporting documents, between January 22, 2018 – March 30, 2018 on vionicshoes.com/giving-back/stepping-up-the-classroom. Once your submission is completed it will be reviewed by the Vionic panel based on creativity of the lesson plan, its potential for impacting students positively, and the ability for the lesson to be replicated by other educators. The top five submissions will be notified and awarded up to $500 to conduct an initial test of the program. The finalists will document learnings and information about their program.

    Phase 2: The finalists will submit a completed rubric to evaluate their program along with documentation (photos, student work, etc.) from their initial test. This information will be submitted by May 31, 2018 and Vionic will choose one winner for the grand prize: up to $5000 to fund a larger rollout of their program.

  2. Who is eligible to participate?

    Vionic's Stepping Up the Classroom is open to any public or private schools in the US (excluding Puerto Rico) for classrooms teaching grades K-12. At this time, pre-schools, colleges and home schools are not eligible to complete.

  3. I'm a parent/student and I/my child want to compete; how can we do this?

    Our competition is only open to teachers or administrators. If you are interested in competing, please bring our competition to your teacher's attention and work with them to submit an idea.

  4. We have multiple disciplines within our high school; is there a limit on who can participate?

    Only one registration per grade and per discipline is accepted.

  5. What is a fiscal sponsor?

    A fiscal sponsorship is an arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (the "fiscal sponsor") offers its legal and tax-exempt status to another group for a project or an activity related to the mission of the nonprofit organization (the fiscal sponsor). Check with your school to help identify a sponsor. You must have the sponsor's approval before submission.

  6. I entered but then found out my school won't let me participate. Can we unregister?

    We encourage all teachers and administrators to gain permission for our competition before registration begins. If you need to "unregister," we can remove you from the list. Please email: education@vionicgroup.com

  7. What is a complete submission?

    In order to be a complete submission, a registration form must be filled out and submitted, and a lesson plan that adheres to the subject matter should be uploaded along with supporting assets.

  8. How strictly do we have to adhere to the topics listed in the challenge prompt?

    Not too strictly. While we do want the lesson plans and projects to be relevant to topics covering "integrated wellness", we encourage submissions to get creative with their proposed projects. We welcome ideas tied to a lesson in a textbook as well as experiences for your students to practice real world methods.

  9. Can students be involved when putting together the lesson plan?

    Absolutely. Their involvement is at your discretion (teacher or administrator) and will not affect the review/judging process.