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Spring / Summer 2018
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Anna Baun

Anna Baun


Hello everyone! I am Anna. I am a director for a large corporation in the Chicagoland with a passion for associate engagement and leadership development. When I am not attending meetings with executives or entertaining clients, I am daydreaming of all things fashion and style. I hope A Lily Love Affair is a place you can come to be inspired, not only by fashion and trends but other aspects of life as well – home, family and travel.

what do you love
about this shoe?

“I love the Vionic Shoes collection because no woman should have to sacrifice style for all-day comfort. These are the perfect marriage of chic, modern style and versatility. They are the perfect addition to any look!” 

what’s your secret to doing or being your best?

“The secret to being my best self is to remember to be 100% genuine and authentic in everything I do. Build strong, meaningful relationships in all aspects of my life and surround myself with lots of supportive, positive people.”

how would you describe your personal style?

“My personal style is a careful mix of vibrant prints and colors rooted in the classics. Looks that make me look and feel confident every day.”

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what does the vionic
secret mean to you?

“The Vionic secret means I can take my look from day to night flawlessly in style while maintaining comfort and confidence the entire time.”

How to wear it

Check out how Anna styles the Maris with her favorite wardrobe staples.

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