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Suzanne L.

For years, whenever I walked with my young daughter, she'd ask me to run with her. And I'd say "I can't, honey. My shoes hurt." Then I discovered Vionics, and your sandals and sneakers. And now, when she asks, I'm off like a shot down the block. Since she's just turned 10, she can catch up with me all too quickly. But I appreciate the gift these shoes have given me - memories of laughing and giggling, happily out of breath, with my daughter, memories that will stay long after the shoes have worn out. MORE >


My name is Yvonne and I am a teacher. I received my first pair of Vionic shoes for Mother's Day and cannot thank you enough! From the first day I put them on, I refuse to wear anything else. I've raved to all my teacher friends how wonderful these shoes are. Although they are pricey, especially on a teacher's salary, I feel everyone should own at least one pair. I have flat feet and obviously stand ALL day and these shoes are the answer to my prayers. So, THANK YOU Vionic!

Cami V's #SoleStory


Evansville, INDIANA

I used to have pain in my right arch and could not find a way to get rid of it. About a year ago, I went to Florida for Spring Break to visit my mom. She and I went shopping at Bealls and she told me about this amazing brand of shoe called Vionic that was recommended to a friend of hers by a podiatrist. I decided to buy a pair of flip flop sandals and try them out. From the first day I wore them, I never wore another pair of shoes! My feet stopped hurting and I could wear cute capris, dresses, etc. again! Within one year, I now own 5 pairs of Vionic shoes and would not wear anything else if I could afford to stock my closet with nothing but Vionic. Thank you for giving me back my cute spring and summer looks!!! MORE >


I can walk all day in these shoes and not be in pain! Before I discovered Vionic, I would not be able to walk for as long as I wanted- and my feet were always in pain that night and the next day. Being pain free and now being able to walk all day long - or stand all day long has been a blessing! I love the compliments I receive on the shoes and the shock on people's face when I tell them of the "technology" behind the shoes. MORE >

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Jennifer L's #SoleStory


Williamsburg, Virginia

My Vionics are very important to me. They have helped me heal a serious injury and help support me when I teach dance. A few years ago I had against injury teaching Ballet at the University where I work. I went up on my toes without proper footwear and I felt a pain in my left heel. Misdiagnosed the first time by podiatrist as having bursitis, I went on teaching dance including Tap. MORE >

Angie W's #SoleStory


Tallahassee, Florida

Well, I have been wearing Vionics for 2 years and now love buying shoes! I never enjoyed it before because I couldn't wear most of the brands in the marketplace. My feet are extremely flat and comfortable shoes were so hard to find. I now have a job where I work retail and literally walk the store 7-8 hours a day and my Vionics do not let me down! My legs do not get too tired and my feet do not hurt!!!! What would I do without them?????? MORE >

Kay P.

Austin, Texas

I am so amazed. I haven't worn anything over a 2 inch heel in 7 or 8 years. Yesterday I wore by Blakely Bootie in snakeskin for the first time for over 10 hours. I am in retail management and this is hectic go go go and run on our feet all day time of year. Also did this with a sprained and wrapped ankle, bad knees and a bunion on one foot (they call this retail feet.) This shoe is 3 Inches and cradled my foot, supported my arch and not once did my feet or ankle hurt the whole time.


Allen, Texas

I was unable to walk. I was receiving steroid shots in my heal. I had applied for Social security because I could not walk and my job is mostly on my feet. I was going to have surgery on both my heal. I bought a pair of the Vionic thing sandal it was amazing right away. So I then bought the Addison for casual and a pair of Vionic walker shoe for work. I have since cancel my social security due to I am still able to work as long as I wear these miracle Vionic shoes. I even wear the slippers. MORE >