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We launched SoleStory with the goal of sharing the inspiring stories of our amazing customers whose lives
have been changed for the better through Vionic shoes and orthotics. Now’s the chance to share your story.




Cami V's #SoleStory


Evansville, IN

I used to have pain in my right arch and could not find a way to get rid of it. About a year ago, I went to Florida for Spring Break to visit my mom. She and I went shopping at Bealls and she told me about this amazing brand of shoe called Vionic that was recommended to a friend of hers by a podiatrist. I decided to buy a pair of flip flop sandals and try them out.




My name is Yvonne and I am a teacher. I received my first pair of Vionic shoes for Mother's Day and cannot thank you enough! From the first day I put them on, I refuse to wear anything else. I've raved to all my teacher friends how wonderful these shoes are. Although they are pricey, especially on a teacher's salary, I feel everyone should own at least one pair. I have flat feet and obviously stand ALL day and these shoes are the answer to my prayers. So, THANK YOU Vionic!


Allen, TX

I was unable to walk. I was receiving steroid shots in my heal. I had applied for Social security because I could not walk and my job is mostly on my feet. I was going to have surgery on both my heal. I bought a pair of the Vionic thing sandal it was amazing right away. So I then bought the Addison for casual and a pair of Vionic walker shoe for work. I have since cancel my social security due to I am still able to work as long as I wear these miracle Vionic shoes. I even wear the slippers. I have told so may of my co-worker and friends about these miracle shoe. I truly can't live without them. My son just asked me what I want for mothers day I told him a new pair of Vionic. He said that's what you asked for on your Birthday. I said yes and that's what Ill ask for from now on when ever you ask me what I want. I swear my life by these shoes.

Jennifer L's #SoleStory


Williamsburg, VA

My Vionics are very important to me. They have helped me heal a serious injury and help support me when I teach dance. A few years ago I had against injury teaching Ballet at the University where I work. I went up on my toes without proper footwear and I felt a pain in my left heel. Misdiagnosed the first time by podiatrist as having bursitis, I went on teaching dance including Tap. The pain continued and I saw a doctor that specializes in dancers and got another x-ray and it showed that I had a stress fracture in my heel. I also suffered from planter fasciitis. Unfortunately, dance footwear provides no support for the arches. Ballet shoes are completely flat and many jazz shoes and even jazz dance sneakers have a flexible arch so you can point your feet - but that provides NO support for aging dancers and dance teachers. So I was on the search for something that could support my planter fasciitis and stress fracture and found Vionic! I was so happy because my first pair were black-and-pink sneakers and I felt they wouldn't look much different than if I were wearing my dance sneakers. Maybe I can partner with Vionic and they can create an exercise sneaker for those who dance, do Zumba, and do other physically active movement requiring proper arch support. I also have a pair of Vionic pink flip-flops and I love them. Who knew that flip-flops could actually have arch support?! And recently, I liked Vionic on Facebook and entered their Vionic Sneaker Giveaway Contest and actually won! So Thank You Vionic for helping heal my injuries and helping support my feet when I teach on a daily basis! I think we should spread the word to all dancers and dance teachers and get the world Vionicized!


I can walk all day in these shoes and not be in pain! Before I discovered Vionic, I would not be able to walk for as long as I wanted- and my feet were always in pain that night and the next day. Being pain free and now being able to walk all day long - or stand all day long has been a blessing! I love the compliments I receive on the shoes and the shock on people's face when I tell them of the "technology" behind the shoes. Now Vionic is basically all I wear. I am originally from FL - so I LOVE and LIVE in flip flops as much as possible. Have supportive and stylish flops is a must! And now I can wear them and be pain free!!! THANK YOU!!!


Colorado Springs, CO

Due to Plantar Faciatis - I had been reduced to wearing ugly athletic shoes 24/7. Three years ago I saw the demonstration on QVC about aligning and supporting the foot. I took the chance and ordered my first pair of Vionic sandals. I now have nothing but Vionic in my closet. Flats, slippers, boots, sandals, EVERYTHING!!!! I love them and now have my friends and family addicted to Vionic as well. We all take great delight in seeing what new shoes each other is wearing. Thank you VIONIC!!!!!

Angie W's #SoleStory


Tallahassee, FL

Well, I have been wearing Vionics for 2 years and now love buying shoes! I never enjoyed it before because I couldn't wear most of the brands in the marketplace. My feet are extremely flat and comfortable shoes were so hard to find. I now have a job where I work retail and literally walk the store 7-8 hours a day and my Vionics do not let me down! My legs do not get too tired and my feet do not hurt!!!! What would I do without them??????


Austin, TX

I am so amazed. I haven't worn anything over a 2 inch heel in 7 or 8 years. Yesterday I wore by Blakely Bootie in snakeskin for the first time for over 10 hours. I am in retail management and this is hectic go go go and run on our feet all day time of year. Also did this with a sprained and wrapped ankle, bad knees and a bunion on one foot (they call this retail feet.) This shoe is 3 Inches and cradled my foot, supported my arch and not once did my feet or ankle hurt the whole time. So Amazed and Happy! had to order another pair of the in light tan not to mention how great it looks and the compliments I got.. Go Vionic! Any one unsure go try them on. You will love them !!!

From phone calls and emails to Facebook messages and in-person run-ins, our customers love telling us how much they appreciate the support, style and comfort that’s built into every pair of Vionic shoes. Watch some of those customers' stories below.

Lee's #SoleStory

Lee* retired teacher & traveler

Te-See's #SoleStory

Te-See* beauty editor

Jeanette's #SoleStory

Jeanette* kindergarten teacher

Faith's #SoleStory

Faith* flight attendant


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* Participant Disclaimers: Faith, Lee, Te-See & Jeanette are long time Vionic with Orthaheel Technology fans. They wanted to share their story, so Vionic Group gave them a few pairs of shoes and covered their travel costs to make their endorsements.