12 Spring Fashion Trends for 2022

Goodbye, April showers—hello, May flowers! 

As you put your parkas and scarves back into storage, evaluate your closet—are you ready to embrace spring 2022 fashion trends? 

Whether you’re a bonafide fashionista or still curating your unique look, this guide will help you navigate spring clothing trends for the upcoming season. 

The theme of spring 2022 seems clear—ditch drab, embrace fab. 


First things first: tops. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of spring fashion trends by looking at three major upcoming shirt moments. 

#1 Holed Fabrics

Spring weather is the only time you can get away with wearing this fashion trend. Sunbathing is a time-honored tradition of springtime—seize your moment to let the sun shine in with some holey fabrics.1 

Holed fabrics add visual interest and nuance to your look, allowing you to experiment with layering and drawing the eye around your ensemble. There are two general ways to incorporate holed, airy fabrics into your spring wardrobe:

  1. Try wide-stitched knitwear for a more refined or formal look.
  2. Grab a garment with some randomly dispersed rips and tears—or create one yourself!

Pair a holey shirt with a brightly-colored bralette, tank top, or undershirt to diversify your color palette and welcome some whimsy into your wardrobe.

#2 Stripes

Like red lipstick, black pumps, and white sundresses, stripes are timeless. 

That said, 2022 is bringing stripes into the fold in a big way—literally. Broad, vertical stripes create a punchy palette that’s perfect on its own or paired with a brightly-colored accessory. Picture this: a black and white striped tunic over white (or black) pants with a salmon scarf statement piece. 

While it might sound a little harebrained, fashion experts predict that monochromatic striped ensembles will become the new all-white fit in 2022—the perfect canvas for bold accessories, eye-catching shoes, and innovative makeup.

#3 Texture, Texture, Texture

Here’s a trend you’ll see on the runways of Victoria Beckham, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Jason Wu, Louis Vuitton, Prabal Gurung, Stella McCartney, Tory Burch, Saint Laurent, and other reputable fashion brands. Feeling blades of grass tickle your ankles for the first time after enduring an endless string of snowstorms can be a spiritual experience. Running through idyllic, tall grasses is a study in texture, and 2022 spring clothing trends are going all-in on big textures. 

Bold textures add an additional dimension to your outfits, giving looks more depth and visual intrigue. Experiment with the following textured fabrics to create looks that beg to be seen:

  • Puffy sleeves and loose, free-flowing tops
  • Popcorn fabrics
  • Ruffles
  • Lace

Combine multiple textures in one outfit to draw the eye around your clothing canvas, and break out of the confines of the rules of the past. 


We’ve covered tops—let’s explore bottom choices for an inspired spring wardrobe. Some big names this season are comfort, volume, and definition.

#4 Comfy Leisure Over Tight Jeans

When many people began working from home in 2020, they adopted a more comfort-focused uniform. Whether you dressed up as usual every day, rocked pajama pants under your desk, or donned sweats every day (you were at home, after all) during the lockdown, the comfort craze is here to stay. 

Fashion experts predict that leisurely pants with soft fabrics will dominate bottoms this season.2 Try the following comfy garments in your next composition:

  • Elevated sweats
  • Soft joggers
  • Wide-legged, elastic waist, linen pants

Pair any of these bottoms with a slouchy striped sweater, a holey shirt, or a ruffled cardigan to truly embrace the 2022 spring style. 

#5 Volume

You can see the likes of Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid embracing this fashion trend. In 2022, bigger is better—if you’re ready to take to the buzzing bars and bistros, re-enter fashionable society in a big way with a garment that speaks volumes. 

Bold statements are all the rage this spring, and style experts are looking forward to big, voluminous fabrics—puffy skirts, flared pants, and peplum skirts are dominating the runway. 


  • Non-form-fitting cuts enhance the mystique and create unique points of interest.
  • In a landscape where textures are center stage, fashionistas need more real estate.
  • Voluminous fabrics enhance celebration—they say, “I’m here, and I want you to know.”

Pair flared pants with a layered holey shirt for an eye-popping, edgy, and elevated ensemble.

#6 Pencil Skirts

For those unsure about drawing attention with extra volume, spring fashion trends won’t leave you behind—enter the pencil mini skirt. 

The quintessential professional attire of working women in the 80s was the skirt suit—a pencil skirt paired with a shoulder-padded blazer, pantyhose, kitten heels, and big hair. But, pencil skirts have re-entered the arena, and they’re not just for the board room anymore. 

Here’s some pencil skirt inspiration:

  • Pair a vibrant skirt with a bold striped shirt for a business casual look.
  • Don a pencil skirt and cut out bralette to turn old-school modesty on its head.
  • Add a train in a different color to add voluminous flair to a well-loved classic.


If you’re anything like us, this will be your favorite section—let’s talk shoes. Get ready for 90s throwbacks with a touch of modern, maximalist flair.

#7 Platforms

When winter melts to spring, most shoe trends for spring are mostly about comfort. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be fancy. Whether you’re rocking everyday walking sandals or fancier kicks, think big—more specifically, tall

Platforms is one of the 90s inspired shoes that not only doesn’t go out of style but keeps coming back each spring. Platforms are back and ready for action, adding a few extra inches to your confident posture. Why is the 2022 spring fashion world so into platforms right now?

  • 2022 runways are covered in big, personalized statements.
  • Platforms can add a maximalist touch to understated or monochrome outfits.
  • Height is power—platforms can signify your growth during a trying time.

If you’re generally more of a fan of women’s flat sandals, never fear—you might just find your new favorite shoe in platforms, which add some height with reduced balance risks. 


#8 Slides

Even if you only ever wore them before and after soccer practice, it’s time to embrace the beauty of slides. A practical, comfortable, and timeless shoe, slides are making their entry into high fashion this year.3

Make no mistake—2022’s slides aren’t for donning socks and athletic shorts (unless that’s your thing). They’re the perfect combination of this year’s leading fashion values—casual comfort, and head-turning statements. 

Whether you pair your slides with a bright toe polish or opt for a more minimal, organic look—we’re picturing woven slides with linen pants and a puffy shirt—sandals for women have never been comfier or more versatile. 

#9 Monochrome Boots

Move over, wedges. If you’re a shoe maximalist but a clothing minimalist, 2022’s monochrome boots will be your signature accessory this season. 

There are so many reasons to love a good pair of boots:

  • They protect your feet if you work in a hazardous job, have a penchant for wilderness exploring, or spend significant time outside.
  • They can be dressed up for an upscale dinner or dressed down to hit the Saturday errands circuit.
  • Monochrome boots can add a big splash of color to an otherwise muted outfit, or add even more visual interest to a bright and bold ensemble.

2022 runways seem to be favoring slip-on boots over lace-ups, and if you have a busy lifestyle, we tend to agree. That said, we always support donning the boots that work for you.

Colors, Patterns, and Moods

We’ve explored tops, bottoms, and shoes, but let’s touch upon the palettes, motifs, and tones that are taking over the 2022 spring fashion scene. Even if you’re not into holey shirts or pencil skirts, you can let these general aesthetic trends guide your outfit choices in the upcoming season.

#10 Bold, Bright Colors

Previous seasons prioritized muted, earth, and gem tones, but 2022 fashion trends are leaving drab behind in the dust and welcoming bold fashion colors for spring. While the runways aren’t smothered in traffic cone orange, colors this season are deep, vivid, and used generously. 

Here are some tips for working with colors this season:

  • Don’t be afraid to clash. After all, 2022 is about making unapologetic, unique statements.
  • Monochrome is A-okay this season. Find an all-purple jumpsuit you’re obsessed with, along with a matching bag and earrings in the same shade? Rock it. 
  • Experiment with combinations of bright colors and muted tones if you have a neutrals-focused wardrobe. It can take time to warm up to a bold wardrobe if you’re used to understated looks.

#11 Stripes and Solids

Striped tops are having a moment in 2022, but don’t be afraid to sprinkle stripes throughout your wardrobe. According to this season’s fashion experts, stripes and solids are meant to mingle. 

If you’re hesitant to rock stripes in a big way, start small—add a striped scrunchie, bag, headscarf, or pair of shoes to add a subtle striped element to your otherwise-solid wardrobe. Slowly integrate larger striped pieces until you’re comfortable wearing them, or simply stick with striped accents. 

During a season of ultra-personalized fashion statements, don’t be afraid to make your mark in your own way. 

#12 Textured Florals

While we touched on textures in the tops section, let’s talk about a combination that 2022 style icons are living for—textured florals. 

Textures florals combine 2022’s fascination with multi-dimensional fabrics and the timeless appeal of the flower. While the trend leaves quite a bit of wiggle room for interpretation and experimentation, try the following tips for adding a little textured floral flare into your next outfit:

  • Add a ruffled floral brooch to a sweater, scarf, or jumpsuit for a touch of texture.
  • Look for shirt sleeves and pant leg cuffs made of puffy lace.
  • Create a hair accessory or piece of jewelry out of one or more dried flowers.

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Spring 2022 is going to be an unforgettable fashion season. Between bold colors, voluminous fabrics, and the occasional throwback, there’s truly something for everyone in this spring’s slate of trends. 

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