5 Best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

5 Best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

If you’re like most other adults, you probably haven’t given your shoe size much thought lately. But believe it or not, an astonishing two-thirds of people wear the improper size.¹ Some wear styles that are too small or large, but for many, it’s the wrong width.
Wide feet affect millions of individuals throughout the world, and since most shoes only come in medium widths, they often end up with an uncomfortably narrow fit. Here at Vionic, we believe no one should have to squeeze into too-small shoes just because they can’t find the proper width. That’s why wide width shoes are essential.
Being aware that you have the foot condition is the first step in getting the right footwear. For those who count their steps for exercise or are on their feet all day at work, comfortable, supportive, accommodating shoes are essential. So, what are the best walking shoes for wide feet? Read on to find out.

The Importance of Good Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

Before we get into the different styles, let’s discuss the importance of a good pair of walking shoes. As you age, your body goes through various changes. Muscles and tendons can stretch, leading to wider feet for some people. Years of walking on wide feet without proper support can wear down the fatty pads that cushion your soles, which you really want to avoid.²
When purchasing footwear, your foot type and foot condition should never be overlooked. Certain shoes will feel quite different on your feet than the next person’s. Wearing narrow styles with a wider foot creates unnecessary foot pain and rubbing that may lead to calluses, painful blisters, bunions, hammertoe, or ingrown toenails.
Additionally, if you struggle with heel pain (plantar fasciitis) or chronic knee or back discomfort, it is crucial to wear a comfortable walking shoe with proper support and a roomy toe box—especially when walking. For those with frequently swollen ankles, toe pain, or arthritis should look for a wide shoe with flexible uppers and a cushioned insole.²

What Are the Best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet?

Having wide feet shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want to do and going where you want to go. That’s why Vionic is committed to creating comfy, cute footwear for women and men with wide feet. This includes a range of comfortable shoe options you can wear while walking.
The best walking shoes for wide feet include slip-on sneakers, lace-up tennis shoes, active walking sneakers, flat sandals, and sporty platform sandals. Read on for a detailed rundown of each style.

Slip-On Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are among the best walking sneaker options for wide feet. A contemporary twist on classic, casual sneakers, this practical shoe is all things comfortable and versatile. The lightweight footwear style can feature a casual silhouette with suede or leather uppers or a more active design crafted from mesh or neoprene.
In any case, Vionic’s laceless tennies have twin-gore panels on the sides and a finger loop behind the heel, making them easy to get on and off wide feet. This wide walking shoe style typically has a somewhat generous fit, but you may still want to get a wide width to give your toes plenty of wiggle room while you walk.
Many of our women’s styles come in wide widths, and our men’s slip-ons have a wide toe box for all-day comfort. Each pair has deep heel cups, contoured footbeds, and a durable rubber sole to keep you steady on your feet.



Lace-Up Tennis Shoes

Lace-up sneakers also make great walking shoes for wide feet. With a standard padded tongue and a traditional lace fastening system, this footwear style offers a flexible, adjustable fit with excellent traction. Plus, it’s ideal for counting your steps in the winter, spring, summer, or fall.
Vionic carries casual and active sneakers, both of which are designed to support active lifestyles. Our styles feature flexible yet firm orthotic inserts, built-in arch support, and sturdy rubber soles. They’re so comfortable, in fact, that you might forget to take them off when you return from your walk.
Folks with wide feet often have a tough time finding fashionable shoes, but with Vionic, you won’t have this issue. From vintage-inspired leisure sneakers and embellished streetwear styles to bungee-lace trainers and lightweight mesh tennis shoes with mesh uppers, we have it all.

Walking Shoes

Not to state the obvious, but if you’re what the most comfortable walking shoes are for wide feet, well they’re… walking shoes. So, what are walking shoes, exactly, and how are they different from other types of sneakers?
With a structured silhouette and podiatrist-engineered arches, Vionic’s walking shoes for men and women are designed to minimize impact on your calves, ankles, and plantar fascia while reducing overpronation.³ What’s more, they offer unbeatable stability, shock absorption, and traction to support your stride.
The women’s walking shoes from Vionic are best-sellers for a reason. They come with lace-up or hook-and-loop velcro strap closure, offering plenty of adjustability and wiggle room for our wide-footed friends. When you walk a mile (or five) in these sneakers, you’ll understand why they’re so beloved.

Flat Sandals

If you have wide feet, you aren’t limited to closed-toe footwear styles. Flat sandals can actually be really good walking shoes for wide feet during the summer, especially when you get a supportive pair like the styles we carry at Vionic.With broad footbeds, wide-fit, adjustable hook-and-loop closure, and reliable outsoles with patterned tread, our sporty sandals are made for people on the go.

Several of Vionic’s flat sandals for women come in wide widths, so you can wear them for hours on end without pain or discomfort.Our men’s sandals have roomy footbeds and adjustable closure. They’re perfect for guys with wide feet or anyone looking for an active, open-toe shoe to wear in the warmer season. Each pair is designed to reduce stress on your feet by absorbing shock with every step. Not only that, but the grippy soles provide ample traction on a variety of terrains.

Sporty Platform Sandals

Want a little extra height? Sporty platform sandals are some of the best walking shoes for ladies with wide feet. They’re practical, stylish, and unlike wedges and other heeled footwear styles, low-heel platforms feature a continuous raised sole from heel to toe.
The active-inspired designs from Vionic have reliable rubber outsoles between 1 to 2 inches thick, plus adjustable straps around the ankles and over the forefoots. Regardless of height, straps are crucial for women with wide feet, especially when it comes to walking shoes. Sufficient straps will keep your feet in place, and hook-and-loop fastening ensures plenty of room for broad feet.


What to Look for When Buying Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

When shopping for footwear for wide feet, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, not all shoes are designed for walking, so you’ll want to look for something that accommodates an active lifestyle.⁴
The best walking shoes for wide feet will have:

  • Broad footbeds
  • Roomy toe boxes
  • Sufficient arch support
  • Sturdy outsoles
  • Shock-absorbent soles
  • Adjustable straps or laces
  • Good traction

Your best bet is a pair of orthotic shoes, like the styles from Vionic. Why? Our orthotic footwear checks all the boxes for wide feet in terms of size, design, arch support, and adjustability. We carry men’s and women’s shoes in whole, wide size, and half sizes, and many of our ladies’ styles are available in wide widths.

Men’s and Women’s Wide-Width Shoes for Problem Feet

Vionic is proud to be a trusted resource for comfortable shoes for a range of foot conditions. We’ve got men’s and women’s wide width shoes for problem feet, including slip-on sneakers, walking shoes, active sandals, and sporty low-heel platforms. Beyond footwear for walking, we carry a range of cute and comfortable shoe styles for wide feet, including wide-width flats, toe-post sandals, slides, slippers, ankle boots, hiking boots, dress shoes, sneaker booties, block heels, and kitten heels. And with Vionic, you never have to choose between comfort and fashion-even if you have wider feet. Order a pair of comfortable shoes today!See our blog for more on how to deal with problem feet! Evaluating the differences between walking vs running shoes is a good start for those suffering from flat feet pain!


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