8 Best Sandals for Bunions

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A bunion is essentially a bony bump that protrudes out from the base of the big toe.¹ But exactly what causes bunions? It forms when bones in the front of the foot shift out of place, which causes the tip of the big toe to pivot toward the other toes. As a result, the joint at the bottom of the big toe ends up jutting out. Bunionettes (small bunions) can also form at the base of your baby toes.

Bunions don’t pop up overnight—they develop slowly, often taking years to fully form. The protrusions can hurt, sometimes leading to swelling and tenderness. And yet for many, they’re more bothersome than painful.

If you’re like a lot of other bunion-sufferers, you might have trouble finding comfortable shoes that accommodate the bump—especially in the summer. Orthotics can be a helpful solution. At Vionic, we believe warm-weather footwear should be supportive and comfortable while giving you a fashion-forward pep in your step.

So, what are the best sandals for bunions? Read on to find out more on bunion shoes.


What to Look for When Buying Shoes for Bunions

Tight-fitting or otherwise narrow shoes can make a bunion pain worse—and potentially even cause a foot bunion to form. The protrusion can also develop from foot deformities and medical conditions like arthritis.

In any case, a good pair of comfortable shoes can make a world of difference. Since the bony bump actually extends the width of your foot, it’s vital to get wide enough footwear. For some people, this means wearing wide widths, and for others, a wide toe box will suffice.

Additionally, we suggest looking for a relatively soft upper material, like leather or mesh, as this will allow more give.² High heel styles aren’t typically recommended for folks with bunions (the extra height can put more pressure on the formation), but some low wedges can be comfortable.

Lastly, the best sandals for bunions will carry an APMA Seal of Acceptance. This means the American Podiatric Medical Association certifies they’re safe, beneficial for foot health, and offer sufficient arch support.


What Are the Best Women’s Sandals for Bunions?

If you think a wide toe box and arch support mean shoes can’t possibly be stylish, think again. Vionic designs women’s sandals for bunions that check all the boxes—they’re comfortable, supportive, pleasantly roomy, and best of all, flattering. If you’re a bunion sufferer, find our top picks below.

Orthotic T-Strap Sandals

Featuring a low profile and hook-and-loop closure, T-strap sandals are the perfect balance of elegant, feminine, and practical. You can dress them up with a jumpsuit, a flowy skirt, or a maxi dress, or go for a casual look in jeans or shorts.

Vionic’s T-strap sandals for women feature built-in orthotics. This means they have the same expertly designed contouring as the orthotic insole of our closed-toe styles. These sweet and simple summer shoes hug your arches, support your body’s natural alignment, and give your bunion room to breathe.

Adjustable Strappy Sandals

Adjustable straps over the forefoot are crucial with bunions, as they allow you to create a custom fit to accommodate the protrusion. This warm-weather footwear style is laid-back yet presentable with an up-for-anything vibe.

The strappy orthotic sandals from Vionic boast four points of adjustability, three on top and one around the ankle. With faux leather or natural cork uppers and a flexible, shock-absorbing midsole to reduce stress on your feet, you’ll feel just as good as you look.

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Contoured Toe-Post Sandals

At Vionic, we believe a foot condition should never stop you from wearing the styles you want. That’s why we created toe-post sandals featuring the casually cool silhouette we all know and love but with supportive contouring throughout the footbeds.

Our thong-style women’s sandals have lightweight, flexible midsoles and patterned tread for traction on sandy or rocky terrains. The leather straps won’t put pressure on your bunion, and with built-in arch support, they won’t slip off your feet either.

What’s more, our toe-post shoes proudly carry the APMA Seal of Acceptance. And in a peer-reviewed study, they were shown to effectively relieve heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Supportive Backstrap Sandals

For those who prefer straps on all sides, we recommend supportive sandals with built-in arch support. Hook-and-loop closure around the ankle keeps your foot securely in place while offering an adjustable fit. Like the strappies and T-straps mentioned above, this style can be dressed up or down for virtually any warm-weather occasion.

The women’s backstrap Vionic sandal is slightly wider than average, so they won’t put unnecessary pressure on your bunion area. Not only that, but the microfiber-wrapped EVA footbeds are molded for shock absorption and reduce stress on your feet and ankles. Thanks to the patterned tread underneath, you’ll also have plenty of traction while you move about your day.

Wedge Slides with Arch Support

If you’re looking for cute sandals that hide bunions, consider wedges—but not just any wedges. Your best bet is an adjustable slide with arch support, like the styles we carry at Vionic.

Featuring classic cork-wrapped rubber outsoles and modest heels, our wedge slides offer just the right amount of elevation. They’re biomechanically engineered to support your arches and promote a natural alignment from the ground up. Most crucially, the adjustable uppers allow plenty of wiggle room for bunions while keeping them concealed.


What Are the Best Men’s Sandals for Bunions?

The best men’s sandals for bunions are supportive and shock-absorbent with adjustable uppers that don’t put pressure on the foot. They should also be versatile enough to wear to various events. Find our top picks below.

Podiatrist-Designed Toe-Post Sandals

Every guy needs a pair of toe-post sandals in his arsenal. They’re casual, cool, comfy, and easy to get on and off. Unlike most thong-style sandals on the market, the designs from Vionic actually support your arches and help keep you stable on your feet without slipping off.

Our undeniably handsome men’s toe-post sandals have soft leather uppers, durable rubber outsoles, and leather-covered EVA footbeds with crave-worthy contouring. They won’t constrain your bunion or make it worse and can support your natural realignment. In other words, they’re incredibly comfortable walking sandals.

Adjustable Orthotic Slides

With clean lines and a sporty silhouette, slides are another go-to footwear style for guys. They’re great for padding around the house, slipping on after a workout, wearing to and from the gym, or running errands. For those with bunions, adjustable uppers and orthotic footbeds are ideal.

Vionic offers slide sandals for women and men with podiatrist-designed arch support, made with various materials such as full-grain leather uppers. Our men’s styles offer wide, adjustable straps allow for a customized fit, and neoprene lining to minimize pressure on the bony formation, while our women’s styles offer bright colors and platforms for extra height.

Active Backstrap Sandals

If you like the security of ankle straps, go with a pair of backstrap sandals. The active style men’s shoes from Vionic are sporty yet sophisticated, with full-grain leather uppers and sturdy rubber outsoles.

Patterned tread underneath keeps you steady on your feet, and the innovative orthotic footbeds help realign your stride. Not only that, but each strap is adjustable, so you won’t have to worry about them cutting into your bunion.

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Comfortable Sandals and Orthotics for Men and Women

Whether you’re dealing with bunions, wide feet, flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, or general foot pain, Vionic has a pair of sandals that suits your needs. From toe-posts and T-straps to slides and wedges, we have it all. Not only that, but many of our styles are certified by the APMA.

In addition to stylish podiatrist-designed sandals and shoes, we carry men’s and women’s orthotics. You can place our shoe inserts in virtually any pair of shoes to make them more supportive and comfortable. For more information on bunions and if bunions can be reversed, visit Vionic Shoes today! Sore feet causes a number of inconveniences, and Vionic is here to guide you to comfort and support. Wondering what is foot pronation? We’ve got you covered! Visit our website for further insight on overpronation vs underpronation, along with how to correct overpronation

Order yours today, and prepare to be amazed by the difference. 


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