8 Best Shoes for Pregnancy in Summer

Pregnancy is one of the greatest joys, but it can also come with lots of physical discomforts. Nausea, heartburn, fatigue, back pain, and swollen feet—to name a few. Speaking of swollen feet, this can be particularly uncomfortable when the weather heats up. And sometimes, it might seem like your regular shoes don’t fit anymore. What’s a mama-to-be to do? If you’re like most expecting mothers, you might be wondering about the best shoes for pregnancy.

Summer is arguably one of the best seasons, but with it comes scorching heat and high humidity, which can make carrying a baby even more strenuous. Not only that but as your belly grows, putting shoes on your swollen feet can be a real challenge. So, what is the best pregnancy shoe for the sunny season? Breathable walking sandals, of course! Below, we’ve outlined eight of the best shoes for pregnancy in the summer.

Best Shoes for Pregnant Women to Wear During the Summer

The footwear experts at Vionic are here to guide you in finding the the right shoe for ultimate comfort during the warm season. Our three-zone comfort technology will provide superior arch support, cushioning, and stability for your pregnant feet. However, comfort isn’t just enough during the summer. Ideally, a maternity shoe for summer will be easy to get on and off, breathable, supportive, and wide enough to accommodate swollen feet.

The best summer shoes for pregnant women include:

  • Slides
  • Toe-post sandals
  • Supportive flip-flops
  • Adjustable back-strap sandals
  • Slip-on sneakers
  • Espadrilles or wedges
  • Platform sandals
  • Slippers

Find details about each style below, why they’re ideal for pregnancy, and what to look for when shopping for pregnancy shoes.

1. Slides

As the name implies, slides are a type of sandal that you can easily slide your feet into. The backless design typically has either one or two wide straps as uppers and comes in a wide range of materials, colors, and styles. You can find feminine slides with flowers, ruffles, or other elegant details, as well as sportier options. Not only are slides easy to get on and off—you can slip into them while standing—but they’re also very accommodating for swollen feet.

And your swollen ankles won’t feel constricted while wearing them, which is crucial during pregnancy. Vionic carries a variety of supportive slides for women, including pairs with hidden straps, which you can adjust if your feet expand. When you browse our selection, you’ll also find sporty slides with patterned treads, which provides mamas-to-be with much-needed traction. Additionally, all slides from Vionic are supremely comfortable, versatile, and stylish.

2. Toe-Post Sandals


Similar to slides, toe-post sandals (or webbed-toe sandals) stand out among other sandal styles for being super easy to get on and off. As a pregnant woman, d uring the third trimester, reaching your feet can be a challenge, so the ability to put on your shoes while standing up is essential. With classic Y-shaped straps, sturdy outsoles, and a wear-anywhere design, toe-post sandals are one of the best shoes for pregnant women in the summer.

At Vionic, we offer an impressive inventory of comfortable, supportive toe-post sandals in many styles, materials, and colors. The sturdy rubber outsole has a patterned tread for added grip, and the flexible EVA midsole absorbs shock while reducing stress on your feet, heels, and ankles. But that’s not all, many of our sandals have an APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance, meaning they provide sufficient arch support and benefit foot health. When you rock a pair of Vionic toe-post sandals, you’ll look cute while staying comfy and cool. Although they may be easy to take off, you might not want to!

3. Supportive Flip-Flops


Flip-flops have the same style of Y-shaped uppers as toe-post sandals, but they tend to be more lightweight and flexible with a flatter footbed. When you’re pregnant, having a pair of light slip-on sandals on hand is key during the summer. Plus, you can stash them in a bag, get them wet, and easily rinse them off if they get dirty. While flip-flops (or thong sandals) tend to have a bad rap in terms of support and traction, the styles from Vionic are a different story.

When you browse the Vionic Beach collection, you’ll find supportive women’s flip-flops with performance features and a timeless silhouette. Choose from sporty designs, flirty detailing, or simple styles that go with any summertime outfit. shop-comfortable-shoes-for-women

4. Adjustable Back-Strap Sandals


Since your feet and ankles can expand during pregnancy, adjustable footwear is the way to go. Also, sometimes you’ll wake up in the morning without any foot woes, but by the time the sun sets, you might be dealing with substantial swelling. For this reason, we recommend a pair of adjustable back-strap sandals, which you can easily adjust throughout the day—or throughout your pregnancy.

Vionic specializes in comfortable, accommodating sandals, and you can bet we have lots of back-strap options to choose from. When you shop our selection, you’ll find wide width styles with sturdy, contoured footbeds and leather, cork, or synthetic uppers in a broad range of colors and designs. The velcro or hook-and-loop strap closures are easy to adjust, and the built-in orthotics can help reduce plantar fasciitis or other common foot conditions you might experience during pregnancy.

5. Slip-On Sneakers


When you’re not pregnant, it’s easy to take the ability to touch your toes for granted—you probably never think about how hard it is to put on shoes! And yet, with a baby on the way, it’s suddenly one of many day-to-day struggles. When it comes to comfy shoes for pregnancy, sandals are an excellent choice, but if you prefer a closed-toe style, we recommend a slip-on sneaker. While you might need one hand to pull them on, not having to tie this walking shoe will save you some sweat and discomfort.

For comfy and cute slip-on styles, check out the women’s casual sneakers from Vionic. We carry a variety of options with reliable yet lightweight outsoles and EVA contoured midsoles. Uppers come in either leather, breathable mesh, or soft textile materials. Whether you’re going on a walk, out to lunch, at a barbeque, or just hanging out at home, a pair of slip-on Vionic sneakers will keep your feet happy for hours.

6. Espadrilles or Wedges




Who says a pregnant woman can’t wear heels? Certainly not us! We’re all for a stylish maternity shoe. While a high heel might not be ideal, we suggest espadrilles or wedge heels if you want an elevated shoe. You’ll still get a few extra inches of height but with the added stability and support of a sturdy, wedge-shaped sole. You may be familiar with wedges but what are espadrilles? Espadrilles are a type of wedge with traditional jute-wrapped outsoles. These cute comfy shoes are a summertime staple that pair well with dresses, shorts, and jumpsuits.

You can also find wedges with cork, rubber, leather, or raffia-wrapped soles. As comfy footwear enthusiasts who are always looking to prioritize arch support, we’re big fans of espadrilles and wedges. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t express your personal style, and if your vibe calls for wedges, we’re here for it. Check out the effortlessly elegant and summer-ready espadrilles and wedges from Vionic. You’ll find both sandals and closed-toe styles in many different colors and materials, each with orthotic support hidden within each comfortable shoe.

7. Platform Sandals


Platform sandals are similar to wedges, except the entire sole is elevated—usually increasing in height from the toe to the heel. Unlike regular high-heel shoes, they’re notably sturdy and provide adequate arch support, which is ideal for pregnancy. Although platforms come in pretty much any regular sandal style but with a vertical boost, we suggest slip-ons because you can put them on without bending down to touch your feet.

Vionic carries a variety of low heel platform sandals, including options with toe-post and slide-style uppers, as well as some with (swollen ankle) ankle straps. Choose from sporty designs or more feminine styles, all of which have built-in orthotic arch support, ankle support, a comfy cushioned insole, and unbeatable stability.

8. Slippers



During pregnancy, your feet need all the support they can get, which is why it’s important to wear shoes even when you’re just hanging out at home. That’s why we suggest getting a pair of supportive slippers to wear around the house. With a comfortable slipper, your swollen pregnancy fee t will remain warm, your arches will stay supported, and you might be able to avoid foot pain and discomfort throughout the day. Pregnant or not, and no matter the season, every woman can benefit from comfortable footwear with proper anatomical arch support for the house.

When you shop Vionic’s collection, you’ll find numerous slip-on slippers with extra-soft, adjustable uppers, contoured arch support, and a deep heel cup that supports your natural alignment. Our women’s slippers with arch support also have flexible EVA midsoles designed for shock absorption to reduce stress on your feet. They also have anti-bacterial and odor-resistant footbeds, which help with often unavoidably sweaty feet during pregnancy. shop-comfortable-walking-sandals

Comfortable Shoes for Moms-to-Be from Vionic

If you want the most comfortable shoes for pregnancy, you’ve come to the right place. Vionic is a trusted resource for supportive women’s footwear, including slides, toe-post sandals, flip-flops, strappy sandals, slip-on sneakers, espadrilles, wedges, platform sandals, and slippers. Our maternity shoes come in standard full and half sizes, and women’s styles are available in medium and wide width shoes.

Treat yourself to the maternity footwear that you (and your swelling feet) deserve. Browse beach shoes and summer styles for pregnancy at Vionic today and receive maximum comfort all season long. You can also check our comfortable flats collection with built-in arch support for something you can dress up or down.

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