8 Most Comfortable Fashion Sneakers

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Classic white sneakers and jeans are the go-to for many people on a casual Saturday afternoon. But why stop there? How about wearing a set of pretty printed-canvas sneakers with a floral dress to achieve a look that’s casual and elegant? What you might be looking for is a pair of chic and comfy walking shoes for women. Alternatively, natty high-stop suede sneakers paired with khakis and a blazer can channel sophistication and fun. 

Whether you’re looking for sneakers for working out, running errands, or hanging out, there’s a perfect pair for you! There’s never a wrong time for stylish, comfy sneakers! 

From their humble beginnings as canvas-and-rubber tennis court shoes, sneakers have emerged as one of the most popular footwear choices of all time.1 If you’re wondering how to work fashion sneakers into your everyday wear rotation, read on. We’ve compiled a list of the most comfortable and fashionable sneakers for your wardrobe this season and beyond. 

#1 Classic Sneakers

Don’t confuse classic fashion sneakers with the bulky style of athletic shoes you’d wear for a workout.

Clean lines and comfortable materials mean that mid-height, lace-up casual sneakers can go effortlessly from the park to the cafe to the office. They look just as snazzy with jeans as they do with a pencil skirt and trim cardigan. 

Originally very simple, classic sneakers now come in a wide variety of hues and materials, but they still look sharp in sparkling white. Classic white sneakers are the pioneers of the sneaker trend. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with our selection of orthotic white sneakers for women. For a timeless look, try our classic rubber-soled Paisley Sneaker in white nubuck.

nylon and suede retro lace-up sneaker

#2 Retro Sneakers

Harkening back to colorful 1970s running shoes, retro sneakers (which are also known as trainers) combine vintage-cool with cutting-edge comfort and technology.

Lower in profile than most fashionable sneakers, retro styles usually feature vivid colors, contrasting mid- and outsoles, and interesting design elements perfect for the athleisure trend.

The Breilyn Sneaker is a colorful mix of nylon and leather that combines the retro trend with modern comfort. Available in 5 fun colors, you’ll be looking your best and walking for miles in these sleek retro fashion sneakers.

Although far more comfortable than the original track runners that inspired their design, it’s important to check the following when trying on a pair of retro-style sneakers (or any shoe):

  • Measure – Don’t rely on your memory for size. Your foot size changes not only throughout the day but also throughout your life. Instead, stand up to take an accurate measurement of your foot. Then, compare the details with your chosen brand’s size chart.
  • Wear socks – Try on shoes with well-fitting socks that approximate what you will usually wear with them. There should be half an inch between the end of your big toe the front of the shoe and an eighth of an inch between your heel and the back of the shoe.
  • Take a stroll – Walk around with the shoes on for several minutes before deciding if they’re a good fit for you. If something feels off, you can always go up or down a size.


#3 Tennis Shoes

There are tennis shoes and then there are tennis shoes.

Technically, a tennis shoe is a specialized sport court shoe meant to support the dynamic side-to-side action of a tennis match. But the term tennis shoe has become muddled with both athletic and fashion sneakers over the years.2 

While a true tennis shoe is specifically designed to provide lateral support and stability, most people just mean a lace-up, low-top, leather sneaker with a sporty profile when they talk casually about wearing a tennis shoe

But a stylish tennis shoe doesn’t have to sacrifice the comfort and stability of an athletic tennis shoe. The Simasa Sneaker is the quintessential fashionable tennis shoe—orthotic and durable, yet available with an array of accents, slight platform height, and subtle lug tread. 

#4 Leather Slip-Ons

Not quite a loafer, not quite a sneaker, slip-ons exist at the intersection of simple elegance and perfect comfort. If you’re all for maximum comfort while you’re on the go, slip on sneakers are the perfect pair for you.

If there was a contest for the easiest and the most comfortable sneaker to hop in and out of, slip-ons would win hands down. With no laces to tangle or untie, this sneaker style should be a staple in every closet. Leather slip-ons are the best sneakers for a quick errand run or something more formal. And leather adds a touch of class that keeps your slip-ons from looking like slippers. 

The Zinah Slip On Sneaker combines a smooth leather or nubuck vamp with a sleek elastic band to keep the sneaker snug, comfortable, and secure all day for everyday wear.

With just a little care, leather shoes can last beautifully for many years. Just remember:

  • Use a dry, cotton cloth to clean any dirt and dust off the leather.
  • Keep all leather footwear away from direct heat to prevent drying out.
  • Allow wet leather to dry naturally. Never use a blowdryer.
  • Test any cleaning product on a small, discreet area before applying it to the whole shoe.
  • Never use cleaners that contain acids or detergents.

A leather cleaner and conditioner can help you keep your fashion sneakers looking spiffy for years to come.

# 5 Low-Top Sneakers

The most casual of sneakers, low-tops may be small, but their range is large. 

Fitting well below the ankle and built on a thinner sole, these comfortable stylish sneakers are a perfect choice for running errands or wearing around the house most of the year. 

Wondering what to wear with your new sneakers? Low-tops are perfect for pairing with shorts, skinny jeans, or even a simple, beachy dress. They can take you from the beach to the park to a concert.

Available in 7 different vibrant canvas colors, the Pismo sneaker is a low-top with high sensibility. Machine washable (although you should never put any sneakers in the dryer!), the Stinson features colorful side-stitching and eyelet details while still guaranteeing Vionic’s trademark heel stability, arch support, and ball-of-foot cushioning. For more washable styles, shop our collection of washable shoes for women

Woman in athleisure putfit with active sneakers

# 6 High-Top Sneakers (aka Basketball Shoes)

Associated with basketball since they came onto the shoe scene in the 1960s, high-top sneakers aren’t just for the court anymore. 

In fact, there isn’t even a strong correlation between high-tops and reduced ankle injury as was long touted by the basketball shoe industry.3 But just as basketball players are embracing shorter, lighter shoes, the fashion industry has gone all-in on high-tops.

A more substantial style, high-tops look good with slim, rolled-hem jeans rather than with a baggy pair of pants. They’re equally fresh and funky with a maxi-dress or a classic pair of chinos.

If you’re ready for this fashion forward style, try a high top, which combines the punchy look of a high-top with the comfort of a wedge.

When styling high-tops, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Don’t let the hem of your pants or skirt skim the top of the shoe. Roll the hem to show off your socks.
  • Speaking of which, always wear attractive and interesting socks with high-tops. Attention will be on your ankles in this style.
  • High-tops and shorts aren’t an easy look to pull off, so opt for this style when you want an outfit that has a little more leg-coverage.
  • High-tops can do the same work as a pair of low-booties. Try a pair of black high-tops in place of black boots for a fresh fall ensemble.
  • Try your high-tops with dark, opaque tights and a bright skirt for a fun winter look.

#7 Vegan and Sustainable Sneakers

Eco-conscious footwear is a relative newcomer to the sneaker trend scene, but there’s no denying the draw of footwear that promises to keep your feet supported and comfortable all while still saving the planet.

The shoe industry accounts for more than one-fifth of the fashion industry’s environmental impact and produces 1.4% of all global carbon emissions, so buying a sneaker that does more good than harm is an important step towards a cleaner environment.4

Luckily, it’s easy to find sneakers that are as good for you as they are for the planet.

For example, the Pismo Sneaker is a casual, low-top, canvas sneaker that keep your feet comfortable all day, but, beyond good looks, has the following eco-friendly attributes:

  • Machine washable, to keep them looking great for a long time
  • Built on a sustainable outsole of 80% rubber and 20% soybean-based compound
  • Natural canvas uppers
  • Vegan certified

# 8 Crossover Sneakers

What do you get when you cross a chukka bootie with a high-top sneaker? A high-ka? A chukka-top?

Whatever you want to call it, this style threads the line between the funky, fashion-forward look of a high-top and the casual, warm comfort of a chukka.

Perfect for finishing a work look or a dressy night-out style, this comfortable, chic style of sneaker will certainly draw all the best attention to your feet.

With the Stevie Sneaker, your feet will thank you for the cozy removable, microfiber EVA orthotic insert and the durable, rubber outsole that will keep your feet warm and dry in all kinds of weather. Our chunky sneakers go beyond achieving a chic look, they also provide maximum comfort for your feet!

Vionic for Whatever Stylish Sneaker You Choose

Whether you’re looking for the finishing touch on a casual outfit or a subtle pop of color and style for your everyday workwear, Vionic’s most comfortable stylish, and casual sneakers will have you looking hip while keeping you feeling your best. There are plenty of outfits with tennis shoes to choose from and with Vionic, we make it easier than ever.

Since 1979, we’ve been setting the highest bar for fashionable and comfortable footwear. We take seriously our mission to provide essential stability and addictive support.

We’re so sure that you will love the feel and look of our comfortable shoes that every Vionic shoe comes with a 30-day wear test. This means you can wear our shoes for 30 full days and if you’re still not convinced, we’ll provide you with a total refund.

What’s better than a pair of stylish and comfortable fashion sneakers? A pair that

stylish, comfortable, and completely guaranteed!



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