9 Cute and Comfortable Work Outfits

When it comes to office work outfits, it can be hard to find the perfect balance of comfortable, flattering, and professional. If you’re wondering what to wear to work, we’re here to tell you it’s definitely possible to create a work wardrobe that checks all the boxes. All you need is a little inspiration.

Vionic is committed to helping you dress for success. Aside from offering fashionable and comfortable work shoes for all types of jobs, we want you to look and feel your best from head to toe. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of cute and comfortable work outfits that are easy to throw together.


Professional Outfit Ideas that Don’t Sacrifice Fashion

If you work full-time, you probably spend around 2,000 hours a year at your job. That’s a substantial amount of time, which is why comfort is essential. Your office ensembles should look polished and put-together, but that doesn’t mean they have to be stiff or devoid of character. Check out these nine chic yet comfy professional outfit ideas.

1. Slacks with a Blouse & Heels

Slacks and a blouse is one of our favorite office work outfits because of its simplicity. This tried-and-true look is both elegant and savvy, not to mention comfortable. Whether you’re sitting at your desk for most of the day, attending a conference, or leading a board meeting, you’ll look the part and feel just as good.

To elevate this ensemble, opt for a pair of heels. The right pair can give you a confidence boost (and an actual boost) for the workday ahead. We’re big fans of kitten heels, block heels, and wedge heels. With the stylish designs from Vionic, you can count on all-day support without any foot or heel pain.

2. Trousers with a Fitted Sweater & Flats

Trousers are a go-to for professional attire. They’re usually high-waisted, not super form-fitting, and often have pleats and pockets. For a sophisticated vibe, wear a fitted sweater with a pair of black or tan trousers. A turtleneck or mock-neck will lend to a polished look, but any slim-cut knit sweater works.

To complete this outfit, slip into a pair of ballet flats. A pointed-toe style, slingbacks, or even a pair of mules will look refined but not over-the-top. Vionic carries a wide range of women’s flats, including chic slingbacks with adjustable buckles, sleek pointed-toe styles, and classic mules with tassels or Mary Jane uppers. For a list of our favorite flats for the office, check out these stylish, yet professional flats for work.

3. Dress Pants with a Button-Down & Loafers

For an assertive and flattering look that doesn’t compromise on comfort, you might try a pair of dress pants with a button-down shirt. Both pieces are workwear staples, and wearing them together is an excellent go-to ensemble. You can tuck the button-down into your pants for a tailored look. However, depending on the cut of the shirt, you might be able to wear it untucked.

To finish off the outfit, we recommend a pair of leather loafers. This truly timeless footwear style looks good on both men and women and is always acceptable in professional settings. Vionic carries a variety of comfortable loafers with soft nubuck or smooth leather uppers and classic wooden heels. Choose from neutrals like black and brown, or make a statement with contemporary white loafers.


4. Midi Dress with Kitten Heels

Although you might wear dress pants or trousers most of the week, you can always mix things up with a midi dress. It could be a wrap dress, a long shirt dress, or a tailored frock. Neutral colors like black, blue, and taupe are always safe bets, but don’t be afraid to branch out to bold hues like pink, red, green, or yellow.

For your footwear, we suggest wearing kitten heels, which will complement the feminine appeal of the dress while maintaining an air of professionalism. If your dress is a bold color or print, opt for neutral shoes. But if it’s a basic shade, kitten heels in a vibrant hue or animal print will make the outfit pop. At Vionic, we offer kitten heels in numerous colors, materials, and styles, each with comfortable orthotic soles.

5. Flowy Printed Dress with Flats

Although a flowy dress might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of office attire, it can work in most settings. Just make sure the dress has a conservative neckline. We love the look of a floral-print flowy dress. It’s unexpectedly feminine while still offering a sophisticated appeal.

For this outfit, we suggest wearing a pair of flats. To avoid clashing with the dress, go for a neutral color, like nude, black, taupe, or white. When you browse our stylish arch support shoes from Vionic, you’ll find many styles perfect for flowy dresses, including ballet flats, slingbacks, and pointed-toe designs. To balance out the ensemble, you might consider wearing a simple blazer in a complementing color.

6. Pencil Skirt with a T-Shirt & Flats

Pencil skirts present a polished aesthetic that’s ideal for an office setting. They’re flattering yet modest and comfortable in the right material. If you love the look of a pencil skirt but want to make it a little more casual, wear a simple tucked-in t-shirt on top. A bold skirt with plain white or black tee is a striking combo, but you can’t go wrong with neutral colors for the skirt or shirt. To balance things out, a blazer is a great outerwear option for this outfit too.

If you stick to basic hues for your t-shirt and pencil skirt, you can always add some flair with a pair of shoes. For this comfy yet savvy combo, flats are the way to go. Vionic carries many different flats, including versatile designs and eye-catching styles. Cherry red, vibrant pink, and animal print shoes are the perfect finishing touch to an otherwise neutral look.

7. Fitted Pants with an Oversized Cardigan & Flats

If you work in an office, oversized cardigans are sure to come in handy. You can throw them on over virtually any outfit to stay cozy without looking sloppy. For this ensemble, we recommend rocking a pair of fitted pants with an oversized cardigan. The slim-cut design of the pants will balance out the loose-fitting sweater for a comfortable, cute look you won’t want to take off when you leave work. Under the sweater, wear a mock-neck, crew-neck, or basic slim-fit shirt. We recommend white, black, off-white, navy, black and white stripes, or another neutral design that doesn’t clash with the pants or cardigan.

To round off this look, opt for ballet flats or pointed-toe flats. Even in the comfiest outfit, you won’t feel good unless your feet feel good, so make sure you find a comfortable style you won’t be dying to take off after a few hours. With a pair from Vionic, you’ll get unbeatable arch support, cushioning, and stability for all-day comfort.

8. Pantsuit & Heels

Suits aren’t just for men. They’re flattering on women, not to mention empowering and sophisticated. Pantsuits tend to be more formal than other types of business attire. That said, if your office calls for more of a professional, polished dress code, you’ll want to have one in your closet. Even if the dress code is more casual, you can always rock a fashion-forward pantsuit to an office party, networking event, or an interview down the road.

Believe it or not, a pantsuit is one of the most comfortable work outfits for women, especially with the right pair of shoes. For this look, heels will offer an elegant and refined appeal. Like the other outfits we mentioned, a bold pantsuit should be paired with neutral shoes, but you can wear bright footwear to make a muted suit pop.

9. Skinny Jeans with a Button-Down & Booties

If your office dress code is casual or business casual, you might have the opportunity to wear jeans. In that case, we recommend skinny jeans with a button-down shirt—the epitome of cute and professional. Since a button-down probably won’t tuck smoothly into tight-fitting jeans, you’ll want to find a cut that’s meant to be left untucked.

To complete the look, we love the idea of ankle booties for women. Whether you’re rocking deep indigo, white, black, or colored denim, leather ankle boots are the way to go. Black, brown, taupe, and tan are excellent choices. But as always, we have a soft spot in our hearts for animal print fashion. You don’t have to match each piece of your outfit, as long as the colors and prints complement one another.


Cute & Comfy Work Shoes from Vionic

At Vionic, we believe in wearing comfortable work attire from head to toe. That’s why we offer a broad range of supportive work shoes for men and women. Each pair is embedded with our exclusive Vio-Motion Support technology, meaning you have three-zone comfort— orthotic arch support, stability, and cushioning hidden within the soles.

Not only that, but our styles never compromise on fashion. From flats and loafers to heels and ankle boots, we have it all. Browse Vionic’s comfortable shoes for work to start curating cute outfits for the office.

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