A Peek at Spring 2013

Sure, most of us are still headed into the dark of winter, but just in case you’re curious about our Orthaheel Spring 2013 collection, here are a few styles we should be receiving before the new year!

Meet the MAUI slide-on sandal!

Please welcome JULIE!


Yeah, yeah, it’s still cold outside – but these stylish and supportive sandals give our feet something to look forward to! Stay tuned for more!

9 Responses to “ A Peek at Spring 2013 ”

  1. Some of us wear these all year long if living in the tropics!!!!!!!!!
    More ……Faster, faster!!!!

  2. OMG! I love these! I cant wait!


  4. I will definately be getting a julie. Can’t wait to see what colors I can choose from. I love my Jasmin’s I have them in three colors. I need a back strap. Not a thong lover but Orthaheel might change my mind. Thank you for your sandels.

  5. NIce, but I can’t wear anything between my toes and my office consider them flip flops and not appropriate. More regular styles without the toe thing and they are acceptable casual shoe.

  6. Would love the Maui in white with a nude suede sole, and the Julie in medium brown with the same color suede sole but get rid of the goofy flowers make it more sophisticated and add another strap to hold the sole to your foot while walking in the arch area. .

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