ACTIVE RECOVERY: Foundations of Training Nutrition with Ciara Lucas


Food is fuel and plays an important role for runners’ energy, stamina, and overall performance. The three macronutrients in your diet include carbohydrates, protein, and fat. All three are essential to a balanced and healthy diet that will support athletic training. 


The role of carbohydrates: 

-Main energy source

-Critical to long distance running 

-About 45-65% of daily calories should come from carbohydrates 


Healthy high carb foods: 


-Brown rice




-Whole grain pasta 


The role of protein: 

-Rebuilds muscle 

-Prevents injury

-Overall recovery


Healthy protein sources: 

-Lean meat




-Protein powder



The role of dietary fat

-Nerve function 

-Hormone production 

-Supports healthy joints

-General health


Healthy sources of dietary fat:


-Nut butter

-Olive oil 

-Eggs (also a great source of protein) 


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