April 5th is National Walking Day

By Chris Laub



You might not be aware of it, but April 5th is National Walking Day. As the days get longer, it is a perfect time to get outside. Maybe you don’t plan out walks around town or in a park, but at the very least we spend quite a bit of time walking to get to places. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to run some errands or just walk about and not have to worry about your shoes giving you pain? Vionic strives itself in creating comfortable, supportive, and well-styled products, where we use science that sets you in motion. Check out some of our favorite active styles below:





Built with our lightest outsole, cutouts for flex, breathability, and a sock-fit collar, this is a performance walking shoe. Not only can it handle long distances, but it is perfect for warm weather. It comes in 4 distinct colors: Charcoal, Horizon Blue, Salmon, and White. We are pleased to offer it in women’s medium width 5, 6-10, 11, 12. 





Endure has an athleisure look with breathability and a sock-fit collar. This style gives you plenty of flexibility in pairing with clothing. It is available in women’s medium and wide widths 5, 6-10, 11, 12. This sneaker comes in 4 colors: Black, Light Grey, Marshmallow, and Roze. 





Available in medium width sizes 5, 6-10, 11, 12, the Fortune is made with breathable mesh and cutouts providing flexibility. This combination allows the shoe to be perfect for performance walking, errands, and chores. Color options include Lavender Ballad Blue, Vapor Charcoal, and White Black. 





This sneaker is meant for everyone, with a wide range of sizes for all genders; medium width W5-W14.5/M13. Tested by Heeluxe, this style is made for comfort and performance. It also has First Ray Technology that promotes flexibility in the forefoot. Color options are Black, Light Grey Wasabi, and Navy Sky.





This is a classic walker, ready to go however long you need. It is available in many sizes and colors. Sizes include women’s medium and wide widths 5, 6-10, 11, 12, with colors of Black, Blue Shadow, Menta, Purple, Stone, Taupe, White Blue, White Pink, and White.


If none of the styles above are the right ones for you, no worries, check out the rest of our selection here. We also have an assortment of men’s sneakers; we have products for everyone! Have a great time on your next long walk knowing that Vionic is where science & self meet 


About the Author:

Chris Laub is a member of Vionic’s Brand Marketing team. In addition to Vionic, he loves to stay active, play sports, travel, and enjoy delicious food. He enjoys entertainment including movies, tv shows, and music.

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