Ballet Flats with Arch Support

Flats versus heels: there’s no question as to which is better for your feet. Or is there? A common myth is that flats are better for your feet than heels and universally more comfortable. But the truth is, without proper arch support and shock absorption, the comfortable shoe of flats can be just as harmful as high heels.

Whether you’re shopping around for work shoes for women or simply looking for a new pair of comfortable flats, find out what to prioritize when you’re buying a new pair of women’s flats with arch support. Read on for our top tips on how to find comfy flats that are both supportive and stylish.


How to Find the Best Flats With Arch Support

The most common injury that can occur from wearing thin flats is heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis. In fact, NYC-based podiatrist and Vionic Innovation Lab expert Dr. Jackie Sutera advises those suffering from plantar fasciitis pain to “avoid ‘bad shoes,’” citing “thin ballerina flats” as one of the culprits. In addition to heel pain, Dr. Sutera explains, “There is a fat pad under the forefoot that starts to atrophy naturally over time, due to age and changes throughout a woman’s life. Additionally, there’s the wear-and-tear that happens specifically due to the overuse of improper footwear (high heels, flat flip flops, unsupportive ballet flats and even walking barefoot). The natural tissue cushioning under your metatarsals becomes thinner, resulting in pain.”



Here’s what to look for in your next pair of women’s toe flats to help combat issues like plantar fasciitis:

1. A biomechanically contoured footbed that hugs your arches for all-day support.
2. A firm yet flexible midsole that helps with balance and stability.
3. A deep heel cup for further stability and natural alignment from the ground up.
4. A roomy toe box in which you can comfortably wiggle your toes without them feeling crunched.

Check out our top picks for comfortable ballet flats with support:

     Vionic shoes savannah flat


Savannah Flat
Finally! A pointed-toe pair of work shoes that is both stylish and comfortable. Through thoughtful design and rigorous product testing, we’ve created a supportive pair of flats that does not compress the toes any more than our other rounded flats. Plus, this stylish shoe also comes in wide widths!

Vionic shoes desiree quilted flat

Desiree Quilted Flat
Rounded toe flats have a classic shape that transcends seasons. We’ve added our quilted print to this brand new style. This comfortable flat comes in three different neutral colors that can be worn with just about any outfit. Find the Desiree in black, navy blue, and beige leather. If you’re looking for super cute ballet flats in wide widths, you’re in luck! Our collection of wide width shoes carries plenty of fashionable ballet flat styles.

vionic shoes caroll ballet flat

Caroll Ballet Flat
Even if the sun’s not shining, you can brighten your day with our metallic colored Caroll Ballet Flat. Plus, these are shoes approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Now you can have all-day comfort no matter where you’re walking with these cushioned insole ballet flats with arch support. Say goodbye to foot pain with our podiatrist recommended shoes.


If you’re looking for the best flats for arch support, look no further. Our Vio-Motion Support technology ensures that every pair of shoes you buy has three-zone comfort in stability, arch support, and cushioning. Find stylish flats with great arch support, superior cushioning, and durable stability today. To find more orthotic styles, check out our collection of men’s and women’s shoes.

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  1. When you get the wide with please send me a e-,mail. I love the idea of being able to wear flats again. I have terrible feet with no arches,plus a large bunion on my right foot. You can imagine how hard it is for me to find shoes!

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