5 Best Non-Slip Slippers For The Elderly

5 Best Non-Slip Slippers for the Elderly

As we grow older, we can still enjoy a snazzy pair of shoes like the best of them–but what we look for in a shoe can change as our needs do, too. We might still appreciate high-performance athletic shoes or a sleek pair of pumps, but more than ever, we desire shoes or slippers that keep our feet feeling supported and protected. 

Fortunately, you can choose shoes that do both with a stylish pair of comfortable non-slip slippers.

Non-slip shoes or slippers can not only reduce your risk of slipping and sliding, but can also support your arches and boost mobility.1 There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wear shoes in the house, and taking advantage of non-slip slippers can allow you to feel safe and comfortable in your home, so you can focus on fulfilling your day-to-day priorities. If you’re more of a homebody, check out our list of best house shoes for hard floors to keep your interior clean and scuff-free.

We’ve included a cohesive list of the best non-slip slippers for elderly seniors so you can take advantage of every single day. Clean the house, tend to your garden, and bake cookies for your neighbors without missing a beat. Who knows? With so many unique styles to choose from, you may find more than one pair you’ll want to grow old with.

#1 Mule Slippers

Get into the groove with a gorgeous pair of mule slippers. This classic slip-on style shoe can take you anywhere. They’re also one of the best slippers for swollen feet. Paired with a flexible EVA midsole to absorb shock and balance pressure points, these cozy slippers can help reduce stress on ankles, knees, and other tricky joints.2  

Put your trust in a mule to put style and comfort at the top of your priority list. Here are some tips to guide your selection:

Choose calming comfort

Do you prefer a calm atmosphere in your home? Does your favorite activity involve reclining in your favorite armchair with a good book? If so, you may adore the Alfons Mule Slipper. This simple yet classic design works wonders for those who prioritize casual comfort. With a mule in your closet, you can feel free to put up your feet and relax.

Embrace your quirky style 

Is your home brimming with eclectic furniture and vintage clothes? It sounds like you may not be willing to sacrifice style for any reason. Luckily, with the Gemma Mule, you don’t have to. Show off your sunny personality with a bright pair of safe slippers to match. Whether you prefer floral patterns or animal prints, you can emphasize your style with every step.

Whether you prefer a laid-back approach or an eccentric atmosphere, you can bring a little piece of your personality wherever you go with a trusty non-slip mule. 

#2 Sling-Back Slippers

Sling-Back Slippers

Want the casual comfort of a mule with added accessibility? Try a sling-back slipper to go from a homebody to a busybody in no time. 

A sling-back slipper, such as the Aleah Slipper, has the same structural design as a mule. However, it also has an elastic band to pull over your heel to ensure your shoe stays on your foot. This simple but clever design makes it easier than ever to step out of the house at a moment’s notice.

#3 Shearling Slippers

Do your toes become cold easily? Toss those tube socks back in the drawer, and opt for a cozy pair of safe slippers instead. A simple shearling slipper can warm you up in no time. 

With a faux shearling lining inside your supportive slippers, you can keep your feet adequately insulated all winter long (and when the air conditioning brings a chilly breeze in the summer). Plus, with a durable rubber sole, you can stay on the move without fear of slipping. 

Faux shearling shoes have become one of the most popular non-slip slippers for elderly seniors. You know what that means—more fabulous styles to choose from, of course:

Adler Slipper 

 Swap your socks for a sturdy pair of Adler Slippers to keep your feet warm during the chillier months. Built with a durable suede exterior, you can exert energy in or out of the home without fear of ripping or stretching. Plus, with that ultra-soft shearling, you can feel like you’re walking on clouds in these comfortable slippers

Gustavo Slipper 

If you’re looking for more of an everyday shoe for an older person, the Gustavo Slipper may be just what you’re seeking. With a more subtle, streamlined design, this shoe combines a sturdy exterior with a lush interior. Available in various neutral shades, this slipper could become a staple in your everyday attire.

Tranquil Slipper 

Want to bring the outdoors to you? Slip on a pair of Tranquil Slippers for your very own camp-out. Inspired by cozy sleeping bags, these slippers retain heat so well that you may even think there’s a campfire nearby. With a puffy nylon exterior and comfortable shearling lining, we’re confident you’ll be wanting s’more. 

Believe Slipper 

If you want to go above and beyond a simple slipper, try a pair of shearling booties to keep the cold at bay. The Believe Slipper combines the luxurious feel of shearling with the durability of an outdoor boot to make every day feel like a snow day.

A Note On Cleaning Suede

Many modern-day slippers, including some of those mentioned above, come with a lovely suede exterior. While this type of leather can last years, you should still take the time to clean it properly to improve its longevity. Here are some tips to keep them looking fresh and feeling cozy:

  • Clean off any excess dirt or dust – You can use a toothbrush, suede brush, or microfiber cloth.3 
  • Store your shoes in a cool, dry place – Exposure to direct heat can cause the leather to dry out. 
  • Dry slippers naturally – Avoid dryers, radiators, or harsh sunlight.
  • Avoid leather cleaners that contain acid or detergents – These can cause damage or preemptively age the leather.

Taking a few preventative measures can ensure your new suede shoes feel fresh and clean daily. Try our specialty Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to give it some extra love.



#4 Plush Slippers

Would you rather spend your days sipping tea in your living room or take a trip to the spa? If you choose the latter, it sounds like you enjoy the finer things in life. That’s excellent news, because we’ve got the perfect shoe for you. 

Feel the power of comfort with a pair of plush slippers that feel as luxurious as they look. These shoes may look like dainty, fluffy clouds. But they aren’t your everyday bunny slippers. 

Plus, you’ll have something to gossip about at your book club meeting. Give your gal pals a peek at your new pedicure with our stunning open-toe Dream Slipper. Once you’ve talked yourself out, indulge in the dreamy faux fur on the Cosmina Slipper to put a cherry on top of your cozy night indoors. 

#5 Slide Sandals

Retired or not, some people like to stay on the move. If you enjoy keeping busy, you should invest in a shoe that can keep up with you. Opting for a pair of slide sandals can grant you that mobility and much more. 

Slip on these sandals in mere seconds and step out the door. You may find that they work wonders for tasks like:

Tending to the garden 

Keep your hedges looking sharp and your hydrangeas hydrated with some help from a Keira Slide Sandal. With access to airflow and a sturdy rubber sole, you can walk through weeds without your feet overheating.  

Hitting the gym

A pair of Orthaheel Kiwi Slides acts as the perfect after-sport shoe. The treaded outsole improves traction on slippery floors, so you don’t have to sweat (not after you’re done exercising, anyway). You can walk out of the gym feeling supported and energized with well-rounded arch support. 

Running errands

Head to the grocery store, the coffee shop, and the tailor in one fell swoop with the help of a slip-on sandal. The Caressa Slipper combines coziness and couture with a faux shearling exterior. After all, you never know when you may encounter an acquaintance at the supermarket. Why not look your best? 

The power of owning a versatile pair of slippers means you don’t have to fuss. With flexibility in your soles, you may also find your schedule more flexible. With a trusty slide sandal, you can easily fit in all your favorite hobbies. 

Find Your Next Non-Slip Slipper with Vionic

Whether your priorities include being constantly on the move or enjoying the simple comforts of your home, you can feel at ease knowing there’s a wide variety of non-slip shoes for you. Take control of your comfort and health with a bit of help from Vionic Shoes

Designed with trusted Vionic technology, our slippers can achieve tremendous feats for your feet, including: 

  • Realigning your stride with a podiatrist-designed insole
  • Balancing your steps with contoured arch support 
  • Combating excess pronation with deep heel cups
  • Absorbing shock with flexible midsoles

At Vionic, we aim to create shoes and slippers that feel as good as they look. We accomplish this with our scientifically designed non-slip soles. By prioritizing every area of the foot, we can create an everyday sole that promotes stability, arch support, and extra cushioning all at once. Browse our collections of slippers, sandals, and sneakers for a peek into your top performance because a well-rounded shoe can change everything. 

Find your most comfortable footwear yet with Vionic. 


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