6 Best Shoes For Hard Floors

Best House Shoes for Hard Floors

Hardwood floors provide a beautiful atmosphere to any home or living space, but they’re also susceptible to damage, such as scratching or scuffing, which often stems from hard-soled shoes. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t wear shoes in the house. However, hard floors can cause joint and foot pain if you’re constantly walking or standing on them with bare feet because you don’t have anything to help absorb shock and provide support.

This can make protecting your beautiful wood floors, and your foot health feel like a balancing act. So, how do you keep yourself from tipping over?

With a house shoe that features a soft, non-slip outsole and scientifically sculpted insole, you can simultaneously protect your floors and joints. Keep reading to explore our list of the best women’s bedroom slippers for hard floors. By the end of this article, striking the perfect balance will feel like a breeze.

#1 Shearling Slippers

Shearling Slippers

Hardwood flooring can help achieve harmony in the home. They round out a living space with their classically elegant and rustic appearance. They’re also known to get rather cold to the touch during the winter months. So, why not opt for a pair of house shoes that protect your hard floors and warm your feet?

Shearling and slippers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Shearling is one of the best slippers that provides a comforting feel that retains and radiates warmth throughout your whole foot. Plus, with a rubber sole, these supportive slippers won’t easily scuff up your gorgeous wood floors. With two significant hurdles out of the way, you just need to decide which style suits you best.

Shearling slippers come in various designs to help you achieve whatever look you strive for.

  • Classic look – You can’t go wrong with the classics. If you prefer a cozy vintage feel, go for an iconic Moccasin style with the Adler Slipper. With its soft leather exterior, you can say goodbye to scratchy surfaces. Or, if you prefer the newest, sleeker model, check out the Gustavo Slipper. This upscale design will help your feet stay warm while making you feel relaxed.
  • Casual look – Ideal for an everyday look, the Alfons Mule slipper can easily slip on and off your feet due to its lack of heel. Mules allow for better mobility and increased airflow to help prevent sweaty feet, and are also some of the best non-slip slippers for the elderly. With this house shoe’s durable rubber outsole, slipping and scratching will become a thing of the past.
  • Luxurious look – If you want to spread the shearling sensation all over the nation, you may as well show it off as best you can. Keep your feet warm all day long, and turn heads with the Caressa Slipper. This exceptionally stylish flat can bring balance and comfort to all those whose motto is, “Go big or go home.”

#2 Quilted Slippers

Want to protect your hardwood flooring and your fashion sense? Try a pair of quilted slippers for a chic, textured look that can easily take you from indoors to outdoors. Talk about equal opportunity.

The soft sole reduces any risk of lasting damage or impressions on your interior floors. However, these shoes can definitely make an impression outside of the home.

Lightweight quilted slippers, such as the Jackie Slipper or the Carlin Slipper, look more like everyday shoes. This means you can feel free to take your comfort on the road instead of just keeping it in the house.

Aside from versatility, these quilted beauties also include:

  • Flannel for a warm and textured feel
  • A terry-lined interior to absorb sweat and moisture
  • Hook and loop adjustment to ensure the perfect fit
  • A classic design to keep your sense of style intact

Whether doing chores at home or running errands out in the world, a fabulous quilted slipper can see you through anything.

#3 Slide Sandals

Though sandals may be associated with casual footwear or long sandy walks on the beach, our slide sandals are anything but. Expertly designed with Vionic technology, our coveted Kiwi Slide Sandal or Keira Slide Sanda can:

  • Improve traction – Sandals built with a durable TPR outsole can boost your mobility. Due to the wave-patterned treads, our slide sandals can help prevent you from slipping on hard surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, or vinyl.1
  • Ensure a perfect fit – Many of our sandals come equipped with adjustable hook and loop closures to ensure your sandal feels secure. This is important, as constant slipping of an ill-fitting sandal can cause lasting damage to your feet and joints. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure a snug fit whenever you can.
  • Support alignment – Get the most out of your stride with a slide sandal that adjusts to your natural alignment as you walk. With soles that hug your arches in all the right ways, you can feel satisfied with every step.


#4 Faux Fur Slippers

If you like the warmth that shearling provides but don’t care for the style, you may fall in love with faux fur slippers. With gorgeous fur that looks timeless and feels dreamily soft, you can feel perfectly poised on your hard floors in no time. They are also great slippers for swollen feet.

Get faux fur slippers for the whole family and enjoy:

  • Cozy comfort for weekly movie nights
  • Ample cushioning for impromptu dance parties
  • Luxurious feel for those self-care Sundays

An ultra-soft faux fur slipper can accompany you on any outdoor adventure (even if that adventure is just walking to your mailbox). Check out the Dream Slipper or Cosmina Slipper if you’re looking to show off your faux fur in style.

#5 Booties

In the coldest months, you may want to double down on your footwear to combat the chilly hardwood floors in your home. Consider taking your foot warmth to the next level with indoor footwear inspired by the great outdoors.

Try a pair of bootie slippers designed to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Plus, these rubber-soled shoes won’t damage your hardwood floorboards. In fact, they can provide a comfortable alternative to wool socks in those harsh winter months.

Check out a few of our favorite bootie slippers:

  • Maizie Slipper – If you’re all about those winter wonderland vibes, the Maizie Slipper can bring festive seasonal cheer to your hardwood home in no time. And, if you can believe it, these cozy slippers feel warmer and cozier than they look. With faux fur on the inside and the outside, you can rest easy knowing your feet are shrouded in plush luxury.
  • Believe Slipper – Believe in the power of a cozy shearling shoe. With a durable outer sole and thoughtfully sculpted insoles, you can maintain arch support while tidying up the kitchen, crushing your WFH life, or fixing yourself a warm cup of cocoa. The Believe Slipper also comes with a quick-adjustable bungee cord so you can hit the road at a moment’s notice and experience comfort on the go.
  • Gabrie Slipper – Designed with a puffy nylon exterior, the Gabrie Slipper is reminiscent of a sleeping bag. And with its shearling lining, your toes will stay toasty and cozy all day (and all night) long. Not to mention, the inclusion of a rubber sole reduces your chances of slipping on snow if you happen to venture outdoors.

#6 Plush Sandals

Just because you’re wearing shoes inside the house doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. Turn your hallway into a runway with fun and exciting plush spa slippers that will keep your floors looking shiny as ever.

With so many fashionable designs and styles to choose from, you may need to snag more than one:

  • Animal print – With our animal print open-toe Relax Slippers, you can show off your animal instincts and your fresh pedicure at the same time. Go for a classic leopard print, choose a wintry snow leopard print, or introduce a splash of color into the mix. Have you ever seen a Bubblegum Pink Leopard before? Well, you have now.
  • Vibrant color – Do you prefer a bold pop of color over a funky design? Our Vionic Original Snooze Slippers come in a wide variety of solid colors. Whether you’re after a pop of purple, a calming shade of blue, or a neutral green, you can choose a sandal that protects your floors and speaks to your style.
  • Floral print – Would you consider yourself a fan of florals? If so, consider our Gemma Mule, and bring a bouquet wherever you go. Along with its delightful springtime pattern, this slipper also absorbs midsole shock and balances your arches to prevent pronation. With such comfortable footwear, you can feel free to stop and smell the roses.

Strike The Right Balance with Vionic

Shoes that support your foot health and protect your hard floors from damage can feel hard to come by. Luckily, at Vionic Shoes, we offer a wide variety of comfortable, supportive, and stylish home slippers that won’t scuff or scratch your hard floors.

Our scientifically designed shoes also promote ample cushioning, heel stability, and arch support to make a lasting difference to your long-term foot health.

So, don’t choose between protecting your hard floors and protecting your feet. Find the perfect pair (or two) of house slippers that can do both by exploring our collection today.


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