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Tips for nurses who stand all dayMany people have jobs that require that they stand all day– in fact, nearly half of the world’s workforce spends three-fourths of their day standing.

If you’re a nurse, doctor or other member of the medical field working in a hospital or doctor’s office, don’t let your feet stand in the way (pun intended) of providing the best possible care to your patients. Finding a pair of comfortable nursing shoes or doctor shoes with built-in arch support can help with heel pain relief from standing all day. Standing on flat ground in unsupportive shoes causes changes in your posture—and a ripple effect from your feet all the way up through your body.

What can you do to help stay supported?

Check Your Posture—And Change Positions Often
If you find yourself slouching as you walk or stand, try to be more mindful of your body’s alignment. Also, try changing positions often to increase blood flow and circulation and engage different joints and muscles. This will more evenly distribute the strain of standing and help you avoid muscle and joint fatigue.Learn about the problems associated with poor posture

Exercise Regularly
Simply standing can cause your whole body to feel fatigued and sore, and it’s important to engage your muscles throughout the day to keep your blood flowing. Backwards lunges, squats and other exercises can keep stiffness and discomfort at bay.

Stretch Liberally
When in doubt, stretch it out. Engage in a full-body stretch routine that covers your head/neck, shoulders, lower back, legs and feet.

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