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Business trips can be fast-paced, productive and a learning experience. But with presentations to prepare, notes to review and schedules to maintain, time is of the essence. Take away the stress of packing, and use our business trip packing list to get you wherever you’re going and ready to get to work!


  • A notepad and pen. You never know when you’ll need to note something important or jot down a quick reminder.
  • Hand sanitizer. If you’re going away on business, you are bound to be shaking a lot of hands. To prevent getting sick or spreading germs, pack travel-sized hand sanitizer to bring with you on the plane or to the meetings.
  • Headphones. Need to cut away distraction or just want to relax for a few? Bring some headphones and pre-download some of your favorite musical artists to a playlist.
  • Gum or mints. First impressions matter. Make a good one with fresh, clean breath.
  • Portable charger. Keep all of your devices at 100% so you don’t have to wait to send out that email.
  • Comfortable, professional shoes. Look good and feel good with professional shoes with arch support.
  • A walking app. Some light exercise such as walking can serve as a quick refresher for those long meeting blocks. Download a walking app to keep track of your steps and map out a few routes.
  • Business cards. Traveling for work is the perfect time to connect! Make sure you have some of your cards on hand. You never know where you’ll meet someone.
  • A light scarf. Temperatures tend to fluctuate on an airplane. Pack a lightweight scarf so that you can be prepared for any unexpected chills.
  • A fun bucket list. Your business trip doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Research a nice restaurant or a must-see tourist attraction beforehand so that you’ll have plans ready to go if you can squeeze in some fun in your limited downtime.

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