Couple Exercises To Do with Your Loved One

By Ciara Lucas

Love is in the air, and it’s not just flowers and chocolate that symbolize romance!

Sharing a sweat with your significant other is a great date idea, while promoting health and happiness together. Doing fitness activities as a couple can deepen your connection and get your heart pumping. Whether you’re into high intensity, low impact, or moderate activity, there’s a workout that you and your partner can enjoy that keeps the love flowing.

Dance class

Looking to learn some new moves? Take your honey to a dance class for a fun night of movement, music and new memories! Even if you have two left feet, dance is a fantastic activity that targets stability, coordination, balance, and mobility. Popular dance class options include ballroom dancing, salsa, and the waltz. Grab your partner, your dancing shoes, and get ready to hit the dance floor!

Go for a walk

A simple, no equipment necessary activity that can be a great stress reliever after a long day. Plus, it’s 100% free! Benefits of walking include boosting energy, immunity, improving your mood, and easing joint pain. If you and your partner want to challenge yourselves, choose a path with incline and make sure to walk at a brisk pace to get your heart pumping.

Sign up for a race

Training for a road race like a 5k, half marathon, or full marathon is the perfect time to bond with your partner. Not only are you getting stronger together and building endurance, you’re increasing quality time with all those miles on the road!

If you’ve ever thought about training for a road race, sign up and train with your sweetie. Start by selecting a realistic distance you’d like to accomplish, then plan a training schedule together. Before you hit the pavement, make sure you find the right sneakers. Head to your local run store with your boo and get fitted for the right shoe!


Physical activity doesn’t have to only be about exercise. If you’re into something more low-key and hands-on, consider volunteering for a local charity or organization. Help your local food pantry organize donations, distribute meals at a soup kitchen, or raise your hand to help with a local fundraiser. Volunteering will keep you on your feet, logging plenty of steps while giving back to the community with your partner.

Indoor rock climbing

For the bold and adventurous couple, searching for their next rush of adrenaline and endorphins. Indoor rock climbing or “bouldering” is a popular new activity that’s designed to be social. Reach new heights on the rock wall and climb to the top to hit new relationship peaks. Rock climbing involves communication and support as you work your way up, and it’s a total body workout. It also strengthens every muscle group and improves agility and coordination. This adrenaline-pumping workout is sure to create a special bond! 


A true date night classic. Take a trip down memory lane and secure a bowling lane for the night. It’s an inexpensive date night idea that encourages activity and healthy competition between partners (or make it a group date!). Bowling is a full body workout that requires a combination of lifting, hinging, and extending. Each time you bowl, you utilize your arms, shoulders, wrists, and legs to propel the ball down the lane. The more you bowl, the more muscle strength you’ll build. You can increase the weight of your ball as you continue to bowl to make it more challenging. Raise the stakes and make a bet with your partner about who will win. 

Find Your Favorites To Do Together

These are just a few exercises and activities that you can do with a loved one. There are so many more that people can do together and it is a matter of getting out and trying them. Find your favorites and have some fun!

About the Author:

Ciara Lucas is a member of the Vionic Innovation Lab. She is a TV journalist, certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach. She is uniquely qualified to speak to a number of topics related to health and wellness.


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