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With the winter chill in the air and our New Year’s intention to press re-set still strong, we couldn’t think of a better moment to share some of our favorite ways to feel homey and embrace hygge, (pronounced HOO-gah), the Danish manifesto of coziness that the world has embraced whole-heartedly.


One of Oxford Dictionary’s top words of the year in 2016, and a notion that has inspired books, lectures, design, and trips to Denmark, the Scandinavian philosophy of hygge has inspired individuals across the globe to cozy up, bunker down and savior the goodness of homespun pleasures– whether it be in the form of snuggling in tattered soft blankets, sipping hot cider, playing puzzles with friends, sitting by the fire, reading, or eating hot stew. Considered the happiest people in the world, Danes clearly know a thing or two about slowing down, and embracing the good life and its simple pleasures.


Below, we’ve listed our favorite ways of how to hygge, and we invite you to share your favorites as well!



There’s something about freshly baked goods that really make us feel like we’re achieving the hygge spirit. We’re loving this chocolate zucchini bread recipe from the Minimalist Baker’s blog, these mouth-watering lemon cardamon pancakes made by Deliciously Ella, or these delicious Paleo pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins from Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain cookbook. The entire experience from baking and later enjoying warm fresh treats straight from the oven, to the lasting delicious smell of baked goods in your kitchen all embody the hygge philosophy.



Snuggling in warm blankets instantly puts us in a cozy mood. As the outside temperatures cool, and the rain or snowflakes begin to drop, we love cocooning ourselves in warm, fluffy blankets. Perfect on the couch, bed or floor, make a blanket fort with plush pillows and sink into comfy layers of blankets.



To truly embrace hygge, we recommend that everything you wear down to your toes feel truly indulgent and over-the-top delightful so that you can ease into downtime seamlessly. We’re loving the way our faux-fur wool slippers cradle our feet in our Marley Slippers, or the concealed support hidden in our plush Relax slippers, designed for lounging in ultimate comfort.



While our digitalized world can feel ever-present and even overwhelming at times, the simple act of reading a book – a paperback, hardcover, frayed passed-down copy, magazine, or newspaper –can feel extremely fulfilling.


Cuddle Up

Cuddle up with your child, pet, friend, sibling, or anyone whose company you enjoy. The philosophy of hygge revolves around connecting and enjoying life’s simple acts of downtime with those you care most about.



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