Diane von Furstenberg says…

InStyle magazine gives great advice about wearing stylish comfortable wedges with arch supportIn the latest issue of InStyle Magazine (August 2013), fashion icon Diane von Furstenburg has some great advice about wearing stylish, comfortable wedges with arch support while traveling.

Check it out!

When a reader mentioned she’s looking for walking shoes that are cute and not typical “American tourist” sneakers, Furstenberg replied,

“… try a sandal or a smart low wedge that has a little bit of support.”

Designers proclaim low wedge sandals with support smart for traveling and walking

We’re excited that a woman with such timeless fashion sense is recognizing the need for stylish yet supportive shoes for walking. You’ve made our day, Diane!

Looking for the ever elusive pair of comfortable wedge sandals? They’re right here! (deep sigh of relief…)



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