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With Thanksgiving only a week away, we’ve been thinking about ways to maintain the healthy habits that we’ve worked so hard to form throughout the year. As we enter into the holiday season, many of us spend more time huddled around the kitchen table with family and friends than outdoors, working up a sweat. But it turns out, staying healthy during the holidays may not be as tough as we might think. We turned to our very own Vionic team for inspiration. Check out their awesome ideas below!

“We serve up lots of salad and veggie sides with the ham and turkey, from my backyard organic garden.” — Steve M.

“I always put myself in charge of bringing a healthy dish like sweet potatoes, green beans, and roasted Brussels sprouts, and I always try to find healthy versions of dishes (avoiding the cream of mushroom soup on the green bean casserole and skipping the marshmallow topping on the sweet potatoes). A lot of the food we eat at Thanksgiving is soft and warm, so adding a crunchy salad gives the palate some needed variety.

My family are also very quick eaters, so I make a point to eat much more slowly than they do. This helps me be a more mindful eater, aware of my portions and choices. I always fill my plate with lots of veggies, so I get full on them. I also try to stay away from wherever the snacks and leftovers are to avoid grazing. Trying to move the attention of the group to a game in another room, or walk outside, and away from the food is also a good technique.” — Kelly S.

“I enjoy a post-meal neighborhood walk or hiking with the dogs!” — Murilla K.

“I love indoor cycling at Soul Cycle, Orange Theory Fitness and walking.” — Chris G.

“I like to go on runs in the morning with my crew of friends so that we can all feel good about eating later.” — Laura N.

“On Thanksgiving and Christmas, I go for walks with my family. I do indulge, however, when I buy new workout gear and videos– I am motivated to play with my new stuff.” — Elizabeth R.

“We make as much of our holiday meals as possible and thoroughly enjoy the time together as we prep, cook and then share meals together.  This seems to be a rare time we give ourselves permission to slow down and not look purely to convenience.  Plus, nothing quite beats homemade pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and all the goodies!  Then we enjoy taking breaks for some fresh air and movement!” — Lisa B.

“We work to keep the meal balanced, with extra veggies instead of extra carbs, and keep our plates small so we can have a small dinner with leftovers later! We also go out shopping until our feet hurt and we literally drop. It’s a way to get extra steps in.

My Papa always makes Cranberry Frappe which is super low in calories & a seriously Old School dessert.” — Katy A.

“When I spend Thanksgiving with my family in the Midwest, we eat at 2pm so there’s still enough daylight afterwards to go for a long walk. If I can’t make it home for Thanksgiving, I like to go on a long hike with my dog and remind myself how thankful I am to live in a part of the country (California) where I can hike year-round.” — Erin M.

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