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There are so many color combinations and new styles on offer with each new holiday season, it’s not always easy to choose the perfect holiday ensemble year after year. Whether you want to add a little bit of sparkle or a pop of color to your outfit during the holidays, finding a way to incorporate seasonal colors into your outfit can be a challenge in itself. We want you to take on this holiday season in style, so we’re sharing our top tips on how to style holiday colors. Keep on reading to learn more about it!



Style your outfit with a pop of holiday red and gold.


How to Style: To achieve this modern look, you’ll need a red skirt, a long-sleeve black shirt, gold earrings, a white purse, and a suede heeled sandal, just like our Blaire Suede Heeled Sandal. These suede sandals will help you add some texture to your look and are great for a fun night out.



Style your outfit using sparkly sequins and the color green.

How to Style: For this outfit, you’ll need a sparkly green shirt, a small green purse, a gold bracelet, black skinny jeans, and a pair of comfortable black booties, similar to our Kennedy Ankle Boot. These boots make for comfortable office shoes for women that you can also wear to happy hour, brunch, or even on a date night. If you have the time, you might even find a great shade of nail polish to match your new design and get you in the holiday spirit!



Style your look with a simple pop of holiday color.

How to Style: This cozy look combines a few festive colors and will help you stay warm during this chilly time of year. To achieve this look, you’ll need a white dress shirt, a pair of dark denim jeans, a nice burgundy sweater, and a comfortable pair of boots, similar to our Kingsley Chelsea Boot. 



Style your outfit with different shades of green.

How to Style: It’s not always easy to keep up with the latest holiday trends but this classic look will have you looking great for all of your holiday photos. To achieve this outfit, you’ll need an olive green sweater, dark green slacks, a nice watch, and a comfortable pair of men’s stylish boots to keep your feet well-supported, similar to our Chase Chukka Boot.


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