How to Style Mules

How to Style Mules

Picture it: You’ve reached the end of a long, arduous online shopping journey. In front of you, shimmering on an illuminated screen, is the destination you’ve clicked and scrolled your way to: the perfect pair of mules. They have everything—they look comfy, they come in just your color and size—but your glee is interrupted as you’re struck by the question of what to wear with mules.

Styling mules isn’t always self-evident. That’s why this blog will serve as a comprehensive guide to pairing these timeless shoes with the right tops, pants, dresses, and accessories to make sure you’re perfectly styling your perfect shoe. By the end, you’ll know with expert-level confidence not only the definition of mule shoes, but how to wear mules.

Introduction to Styling Mules

The general principles of styling mules are probably familiar to you if you wear ballet flats, oxfords, loafers, or any other shoe that straddles the line between casual and professional. In fact, many mules, with their leather craftsmanship and ornamentation, are essentially backless variations of the aforementioned styles and can be coordinated accordingly.

Mules are special among the countless styles of support shoes for women because of their incredible versatility. They can provide a foundation for a professional power outfit or act as a casual last-minute slip-on shoe for a weekend outing. There’s a mule for every season and every time of day.

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of the diversity in mule-based outfits and learn how mules will be your fashionable accompaniment during any phase of your life.

Effortless Chic in Everyday Mule Outfits

Mules are, by definition, laceless and backless slip-on shoes. The ability to slip mules on and off makes them a natural choice for casual outfits—no effort required, just pop them on and you’re ready to go. These shoes are everyday wear, but they’ll take even your most understated outfit and turn it into a bold statement if you know how to style mules well.

With these tips, you’ll never be confused about how to wear a mule shoe again.

  • Skinny jeans and straight pants are a mule’s best friend. A long continuous leg draws the eye down and doesn’t distract from your stylish shoe choice.
  • Pay attention to texture and material. A suede pair of mules would complement a textured pant, something made from linen or corduroy. If you’re going for a leather mule, emphasize that choice with a leather jacket or handbag. A strappier mule sandal would in turn be an apt addition to a thin-strapped dress or top.
  • The minimalism of a backless shoe like a mule can not only withstand but be improved by a little ornamentation. Put on an anklet to both draw attention to your cute kicks and add some flair to your outfit.1


Dressing to Impress With Mules for Special Occasions

When we said that mules are versatile, fit for any occasion, we meant any occasion, including special moments in your life. Mules have the potential to lend their glamor to even the most formal outfits. Here are some tips for incorporating mules into your most memorable days and nights.

  • Marvelous monochrome – Orient your outfit around a single color—including your mules. A black dress with black leather mules creates a sleek, stunning silhouette that shouts elegance from the rooftops. Do the same for any single color. Denim and chino work here too for a slightly less formal but still sumptuous look.
  • A perfectly pleasant pop of color – Go the other direction by choosing a pair of mules that stand out from the rest of your outfit. Sporting a classic ensemble of muted earth tones? Add in some pink mules to add a splash of life to your outfit. It’s a subtle addition that makes a world of difference when put in practice.
  • Heed the heel – It needs no more repeating that mules come in countless different varieties. Among those varieties are many heeled mule shoes. For special events, you have your pick of high-heeled, open-toed, and flat mules to elevate yourself to your desired height and level of fashion.

When wearing mules to a big dinner or fancy party, you may opt for a leather, loafer-style, or refined suede pair to make sure your shoes match the caliber of your ensemble.

Styling Mules for Every Season

Mules are the quintessential transition shoe. Their versatility and diverse variations help you bridge the footwear gap between spring and summer, or summer and fall.

A loafer-style mule can be worn with or without socks, and pairs well with either pants or a flowy dress. As such, this one pair of shoes can take you all the way from a chilly early April morning to a mid-August picnic and back again to a brisk October afternoon.

Even when you want a more season-specific shoe to bring out your timely wardrobe choices, mules come in enough varieties to supply you in any month out of the year.

  • For a cozy winter look, jeans, an oversized sweater, and a pair of plush slip-on mules can’t be beat. To stay warm in cold weather, a black mule with a chunky sole would be a cute companion to fuzzy socks.
  • Spring is primetime for mule fashion. Embrace the simultaneously casual and classy nature of mules by pairing them with linen slacks. Alternatively, an outfit that combines mules with overalls embraces the rustic origin of this shoe style.
  • In summer, you can count on mules to underscore the effortless coolness of a graphic tee and cotton shorts. Or jumpstart your summer style with a mule-jumpsuit combo.2
  • Flare-legged neutral color corduroys are a superb seasonal selection for autumn as they mirror the color of fallen leaves. Some neutral mules and a white cardigan complete the fall ensemble.

These are just starting points. Use your imagination; mules are a blank canvas to make your mark on. While some looks suit a single season, you can alway find a seasonal pairing for any given pair of mules. Mules are a calendar-covering shoe that you never need to put away for next year.

From Day to Night: Transformative Mule Styling

The transitional power of mule-style shoes isn’t just limited to seasonal changes. Selecting the right pair of mules can let you seamlessly segue from a busy day at the office to a leisurely night out.

A heeled mule shoe, when worn with a pantsuit or slacks, is a powerful option to project confidence in your professional life. However, swapping out those pants for jeans, capris, or a skirt can turn officewear into a cute evening ensemble for after-work fun. Two outfits, the very same versatile shoes.

This principle applies to other types of mules as well. A casual weekend daytime look might include a suede mule with shorts and a T-shirt. Swap out the shorts and tee for flared linen pants, a tank, and a blazer for a suave dinnertime look.

Whether going from work to play or vice versa, the mule is the ideal shoe to shepherd you from one arena of your life to the next without having to scramble for new footwear. One shoe has you covered all day, no matter the time.

The Denim and Mule Connection

You can find a pair of jeans to go with nearly any pair of shoes. This versatility extends to mules. A straight leg jean, for example, complements the smart-casual look of a loafer mule and makes for a trendy stepped-up denim look.

Distressed jeans can especially take your mule look to the next level. The dangling white threads of a frayed hem hang down and draw attention to your cute mule shoes, letting you show off your fashionable footwear.1

Pointy-toed mules do their best when juxtaposed with a wide-legged flare denim piece. With a standard flat mule, try wearing cropped jeans to emphasize the unique shape of the shoe. Jeans and mules are one of the most bulletproof combinations in fashion, so it’s hard to go wrong here. Mix and match as much as you’d like.

Make the Most of Mules With Vionic

Whether you’re picking out a mule for casual everyday wear or aiming to impress with a companion shoe to an elegant ensemble, Vionic has you covered. We offer a selection of mules that runs the gamut from casual-chic to consummate class.

For a mule option on the dressy side of the spectrum, check out our Starling Mule, a leather loafer-style shoe that’ll class up any outfit you pair it with.

Have you ever wished you could wear something as comfortable as a slipper out in the world and still look fashionable? Our Arlette Mule’s suede finish is stunning, but your feet will feel like you’re in the world’s coziest slipper. The best of both worlds.And last but not least, our best-selling Georgie Mule will be one of the most versatile shoes you own, capable of elevating your looks in any situation or season.

At Vionic, our mules, as well as our many other shoe varieties are specifically designed for comfort and foot health, thanks to our proprietary Vio-Motion technology. No matter how you choose to style your outfits, you can be confident your shoes will be both cushioned and chic.



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