How to Wear Slip On Shoes

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Slip on shoes are comfortable, supportive, and easy to wear. In a nutshell, they’re everything you want for your feet. So why is it that so many people steer away from this style of footwear?

The myth that high heels are the only stylish shoes simply isn’t true, nor is it feasible for every outfit and situation. That’s why at Vionic, we make a variety of elegant, trendy, and unique slip on shoes. With a pair of Vionic shoes, choosing your outfits will be anything but difficult—but don’t worry, we’ll help you anyway. 

So if you’re wondering what to wear with the best slip on shoes, we’ve got you covered. 

The Casual Outfit

Looking for a chance to wear slip ons? Incorporating these comfortable shoes into a casual outfit is pretty much a no-brainer. Vionic’s slip ons come in a variety of styles and colors, which complement any of these casual outfit ideas:

Wide legged jeans 

The days of skinny jeans are gone, and they’re quickly being replaced with the retro look of bell bottoms and boyfriend jeans. These wide-legged pants blend seamlessly into any pair of slip ons, making them the ideal match for these low-rise shoes. 

Colorful sweater or crop top 

Depending on the weather, a sweater or crop top may be your shirt of choice with this casual look. If you’ve chosen a pair of colorful slip ons, pick out a top that mirrors this shade for an effortless match perfect for various occasions. 

Leather accessories 

For a chic look that comes together cohesively, pair your leather slip ons with some matching accessories. A leather purse, jacket, or brimmed hat are some easy ways to tie in this timeless textile. 

The shoe

The Dinora Slip On is a beautiful shoe that will spice up any casual outfit. This style is available in five trendy patterns: gold crocodile print, white crocodile print, cream crocodile print, white leopard print, and black snakeskin print. The Dinora Slip On also adds a touch of elegance with high-quality embossed leather and a stylish 1.12-inch platform sole. 

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The Business Casual Outfit

Ok, so we’ve covered casual—but what about business casual? 

When you’re dressing to this standard on a weekly basis, the last thing you want is to suffocate your feet into a pair of heels everyday. 

Fortunately, Vionic makes stylish slip on shoes that pair nicely with business casual attire. For the office worker looking to make a splash at their next meeting, try out some of these easy style tips:

White pants 

While the thick soles of slip ons provide ample comfort, they can often make matching your outfit a bit difficult. The best way to overcome this and use white, platform soles to your advantage? Pairing your slip ons with some crisp, white slacks. Find a creased pair that hovers just above the ankle for a shape that’s truly business casual.

Monochromatic (for the most part)

Elevate the aesthetic of any outfit by sticking to a monochromatic color palette. If you’re sporting a pair of black slip ons, match your pants and blouse to this color, as well. Finally, throw in a beige trenchcoat and a black leather bag for a fashion-forward (and work-friendly) look. 

Make a statement 

Instead of trying to hide your slip ons, take the opportunity to show them off! Vionic has a wide selection of slip on designs, from fun animal prints to bright pops of color. If your business casual outfit is fairly toned down, utilize your colorful slip ons to highlight your personality (something that deserves the attention). 

Comfortable slip on shoe

The shoe 

Speaking of animal prints, we have the perfect shoe in mind for this business casual look. The Demetra Slip On Sneaker is a mid-rise shoe that comes in two trendy prints: brown snakeskin and black snakeskin. This sophisticated and sexy design will liven up any business casual attire without the distraction. When it comes to slip on sneakers style, you can’t go wrong with the Demetra. 

The Formal Outfit 

Many people hate the feel of formal shoes. From stilettos to loafers—and everything in between—it seems as though formal footwear never provides the comfort our feet crave.

That’s where Vionic slip ons come in handy. Our collection of slip on shoes for women and men are designed to complement any attire, even for formal occasions. If you’re thinking about switching over to the side of comfort, consider rocking these fancy outfits that pair perfectly with slip ons:

Simple colors 

When pairing a dress with slip on shoes, simplicity, and minimalism always work. For example, a little black dress will never look out of place, especially when paired with a pair of a monochromatic black casual shoe. On the other hand, a clean contrast between a black dress and white classic loafer is also a great option that’s a bit more unique. 

Maxi dresses 

For a formal look that’s slightly more laid back, try swapping a tight bodice for a maxi dress. The flowy silhouette of a maxi dress offers an ethereal look that’s perfect for the summer months. A longer skirt will also pair nicely with slip ons, creating a more seamless look rather than separating your dress and footwear.

A pantsuit 

Formal doesn’t always mean wearing a dress. Opting for a modern pantsuit is a great way to style a pair of voguish slip ons. Match a sharp blazer with long-legged slacks. This shape will add a bit of flair that complements a modest shoe choice, whereas a shorter pant leg may look better with a flashy pair of heels. 

The shoe 

The Penelope Slip On Sneaker is the perfect Vionic slip on sneakers style shoe for a formal look. This design comes in four neutral colors: blush pink, light grey, black, and cream. The black and cream colors—in particular—are made from high-quality, embossed leather that pairs perfectly with any formal attire. 

The Athleisure Outfit

If you haven’t noticed, athleisure has become the go-to, casual-chic look in 2021. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the Instagram explore page, and you’ll quickly find countless influencers showing off their cute athleisure outfits. 

The best part about the athleisure style is that it pairs perfectly with comfortable shoes—including slip ons. For your next photoshoot or stroll around the town, style your slip ons with these staple athleisure pieces:

Biker shorts 

Trendsetters have popularized biker shorts, like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid, and for good reason. The simple design and tight fit of biker shorts create a modern look that elevates an outfit. Depending on the occasion, you can pair biker shorts with a set of six-inch heels or a comfortable pair of sleek slip ons. 


Too cold for biker shorts? No problem, because joggers are the next best thing in stylish athleisure. The term joggers refer to fitted sweatpants that cling to all the right places. Style your outfit with a pair of joggers in a cool, muted tone, like sand beige or light grey. Joggers also tend to be slightly shorter than traditional sweatpants, leaving ample room around the ankles to show off your favorite pair of Vionic shoes. 

Matching sweatshirt 

The thing about athleisure is that it’s pretty simple, and this simplicity is what makes it so chic. Whether you’ve opted for biker shorts or joggers, a matching sweatshirt in the same neutral tone is sure to pull the entire look together. Bonus points if you find a cropped sweatshirt, as this trendy silhouette can make a bold statement. 

The shoe 

Who said sneakers are the only athleisure footwear? Vionic slip ons offer the same breathability and support as sneakers, only without the inconvenience of laces. Our favorite shoe to pair with a hip athleisure outfit is the Vayda Slip On Sneaker. With a variety of color blocks in navy, pink, and black, and a modern high-top shape, these sneakers perfectly embody that modern, Instagram baddie look. 

navy blue comfortable slip on shoe

The Working Outfit

For those who work in the service industry, your outfit options may be a bit more limited. Fortunately, there are some ways to pair casual slip on shoes with a simple outfit that won’t break your company’s dress code.

If you’re not limited to a standard uniform, try pairing some basic black slip ons with any of the following looks:

Neutral tops 

Look for a top in a neutral color—either black, grey, or cream. Some workplaces may require long sleeves or high necklines, so look for a shirt that provides a bit more coverage. To maintain a level of style, choose a top that hugs your shoulders and waistline. This shapeliness will prevent you from disappearing into your work attire.

Sleek pants 

When you’re dressing for a service job, it’s important to keep your pants on the tighter side. Not only will this give you more shape and show off your shoes, but it also decreases your chances of tripping over a loose pant leg. A pencil skirt may also pair nicely for a more formal look. 

Low-cut socks 

Slip ons are often low-cut, and you’ll want to pair these shoes with some subtle socks to match. Avoid high-cut, brightly colored socks with this outfit. Instead, opt for low-cut, black socks that blend into your shoes. 

The shoe 

For a simple, reliable shoe to pair with your work uniform, we recommend the Julianna Pro Slip On Sneaker. This industry-standard slip-resistant shoe is supportive, breathable, and comes in two neutral colors: black and grey. This shoe offers the comfort you need for a long day at work, without breaking the dress code.

What Makes Vionic Slip Ons Different

Obviously, looks are important, but the feel of your comfortable slip on shoes is what we believe truly makes a difference. At Vionic, all of our shoes are engineered with our patented Vio-Motion footbed technology. Our three-zone comfort design utilizes arch support, stability, and cushioning, for shoes that truly fit the human foot. 

Stop sacrificing style for comfort, and get the best of both worlds with a pair of Vionic slip on shoes! And despite the options we’ve outlined above, when it comes to how to wear slip on shoes, the answer is this—however you want to



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