It’s That Time of Year to Have Some Fun in the Sun!

By Chris Laub


With the summer season comes glorious sunshine, long days, hot temperatures … and so much fun! Make it a priority this time of year to get outside with your family and enjoy nature, physical activity and some relaxation—and ensure you do it right with the gear you need to be safe in the rays. Here’s our go-to gear checklist to make the most of your time in the sun this summer. 


Super sandals.

If you’re doing summer right, you’re going to need a pair of comfy and cute sandals that will keep you adventuring in style. Good news! Vionic has great options to choose from for both men and women. Thanks to our Vio-Motion™ Technology and an incredible selection of modern classics and fresh trends, support has never looked or felt better.



Smart sneakers.

Speaking of Vio-Motion™ Technology and selection, we hope you’ll be getting your steps in doing all kinds of things this summer, so invest in great sneakers that keep your feet happy too. Whether it’s a performance pair that you’re after or wear-anywhere kicks, we’ve got fan-favorites for guys, and ladies, you too



Pamper your skin with protection.

Sunscreen and lip balm are must-haves come sunny days—and those cloudy, hazy ones too. The rays will always find you, so SPF it up! Experiment with a few brands to see what you like and keep the favorite handy in your purse, backpack or car. We’re also big fans of swim shirts, rash guards and other clothing items that have a sun-protection factor in the fabric. Genius! 


Hat habit.

Going outside? Grab a hat! Your face and shoulders will thank you—and you’ll be able to have some extra time out in the elements before the sun gets to you. The wider the brim, the better. 



Stellar sunglasses.

Here’s one we can’t live without: cool shades! The sun has a real impact on your sensitive eyes, so treat them right with the coverings they deserve. Plus, you can make a major fashion statement with some super stylish frames.  



Wonderful water.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate—make it your mantra this summer season! Sip often and don’t wait until you’re thirsty. Always have an insulated water bottle at the ready on all your adventures. And if consuming enough water is a challenge for you, here’s a pro tip: Throw in some frozen fruit for a little flavor.


Outdoor outfits.

When it comes to shopping for your summer wardrobe, think versatility. Pick items that are comfortable, breathable and durable. Consider the activities that you want to spend your time doing, and try to select clothing that supports you in those goals. Because let’s be honest—going on a hike is always more fun if you have a stylish look to flaunt on the trails. 


Have you checked all the boxes off? Great, let’s go! Vionic wishes you tons of fun in the sun. Make it your best summer yet. 


About the Author:

Chris Laub is a member of Vionic’s Brand Marketing team. In addition to Vionic, he loves to stay active, play sports, travel, and enjoy delicious food. He enjoys entertainment including movies, tv shows, and music.

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