It’s Time to Thrive: Tips For Feeling Your Best

If you’re feeling stressed, tired or discouraged, it may be time to get back to the basics of healthy living: movement, nourishment, sleep, getting outdoors and developing a positive mindset. These tips and tricks are proven to help increase energy, ignite happiness and make your days a bit brighter.


Get a move on!

Moving your body can make a huge impact on your mental and physical health. It’s all about setting goals and finding a routine that works for you! Looking to improve your flexibility? Stretch at home or take a yoga class. If you want to add cardiovascular activity into your schedule, commit to a plan that works for you and strive for 150 minutes of aerobic activity every week. No matter your goal, Vionic has sporty footwear options that will make your workout routine more fun, comfortable and stylish! Check out women’s athletic shoes in a wide range of colors and styles and find your perfect pair. 


Nourish with good food.

Eating healthy can be defined in many different ways! Whether you’re trying to eat a rainbow of foods, cook at home more or include all macronutrients in your meals, make simple, achievable goals. The first step: listening to your body. Pay attention to the foods that make you feel energized and those that have the opposite effect. Including vitamins such as B12, Folate/Folic Acid, D, B6 and A in your daily routine will also help put a spring in your step.


Rest and recharge.

Getting enough sleep is key to feeling your best. So, how much is enough? At least seven hours a night is recommended. If you have trouble getting your zzzs, try limiting blue light exposure before bed (by putting your devices to bed too!), drinking a soothing cup of herbal tea or taking a bath—anything to help you relax and get settled for a restful night. 


Connect with nature.

Getting outdoors can truly turn your day around! Whether you enjoy hiking, walking, going to the beach, biking or swimming, fresh air and sunshine is good for the body and soul. Check out our line of machine washable, supportive, eco-conscious shoes that are designed for life lived outdoors: Vionic Beach. They’re cute, comfy and ready to take you places. Even if you just stay close to home, you’ll enjoy the feeling of escape in every pair.


Keep it positive.

Feeling great starts with a great mindset. So, take a deep breath and intentionally shift your thinking. When you’re feeling stressed, pause for a moment to think about all the things you’re grateful for. If a challenging situation arises, consider where there might be a silver lining or what opportunity the situation is giving you to learn and grow. 


Ready to live life to the fullest? Let Vionic be your partner. We truly believe that foot health is the foundation to overall wellness—giving you the support and comfort you need at every step of your journey, no matter where it may take you.

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