meet our first Vionic model

Ever wondered who models our shoes? For our Vionic brand, we chose enthusiastic, amateur athletes to introduce the new after-sports recovery sandals.

An avid swimmer and triathlete, Carol B. fit the profile perfectly to showcase the Mojave, a women’s slip-on sandal featuring elasticized toe ring and hook-and-loop adjustable strap for a customized fit.

We knew our fans would want to know more about Carol, so we were prepared with a questionnaire for her to tell us a little more about herself. Here are a couple Q&As we thought we’d share with you.

Q: What sport is your passion? Why?
A: Now my main sport is swimming. I grew up in Florida and swam competitively as a kid, through high school. Later in life I discovered running, which I loved, and then triathlons. (I was also very good at them!) I ran for many years, but a chronic back problem led eventually to spinal fusion surgery – and no more running! Thankfully I could still swim. But I still dream of running. Swimming is a terrific full-body workout and a remarkably social sport – I’ve met some of my best friends in the locker room. It’s also the best stress relief in the world.

Q: Is there a person you admire? If so, who and why?
A: I’m a consumer protetion lawyer. Right now I’m really admiring some hardworking non-celebrities who’ve been trying to increase the access of ordinary people to justice and greater consumer protection. And I’m enhthralled with Elizabeth Warren!

Thank you, Carol, for sharing your insight and inspiration! And, thank you for modeling our new Vionic sandals so beautifully.

To our customers – what sport is your passion? And, who do you admire?


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