Move, Recover, Thrive: Introducing Restore & Rejuvenate

By Chris Laub



Love working out? Great! Got a fitness routine dialed? That’s fantastic. Quick question, though: How are you approaching your recovery regimen—do you even have one?


While many of us have integrated physical activity into our day-to-day, we often overlook how we recover from the exercise we do. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or full-time fitness buff, recovery matters for everyone. Hand-in-hand with training and nutrition, you’ve got to give your body the rest it requires—and that starts with your feet. To do it properly, you need the right gear. With this in mind, Vionic is proud to introduce its first-ever recovery sandals: Restore and Rejuvenate!



Here’s the thing: Not all recovery sandals are made the same and softer isn’t better. The softer the sandal, the more gripping your toes have to do when you walk. Abundance of padding and lack of structure means your feet—and you—stay fatigued.  


Restore and Rejuvenate, however, feature our winning combination of supportive and cushioned layers which work together generating active recovery to promote full-body benefits. Paired with our podiatrist-developed Vio-Motion™ Technology (built into all Vionic styles), you don’t just enjoy feel-great relief, you get the resistance you need to move through aches, pains, stiffness and recharge for another peak performance. Plus, Restore and Rejuvenate are lab tested to have superior stability, foot-to-footbed contact and pressure distribution than other recovery sandals on the market—qualities which help you bounce back better.


Both styles offer massaging footbed texture and Vionic’s signature contours, delivering ultimate arch support and oversized sidewalls (which enhance the heel cup) to create that aforementioned superior stability.



Restore is a traditional flip flop with a comfy woven toe post, while Rejuvenate is an adjustable slide; each has perfectly padded straps for all-day wear. All-gender sizing means both silhouettes can be worn by anyone. Restore comes in five different color options, while Rejuvenate comes in four—so go ahead and express yourself in the shade that works best for you!



Like we said, whatever the workout, recovery matters for everyone. We’re excited to make the experience of active recovery possible through these technically advanced sandals. This series is just the beginning of our journey into the recovery world, so stay tuned for more. Vionic Recovery Sandals: Proven to outperform the competition so you can too.


Recover Smarter

Return Stronger



About the Author:

Chris Laub is a member of Vionic’s Brand Marketing team. In addition to Vionic, he loves to stay active, play sports, travel, and enjoy delicious food. He enjoys entertainment including movies, tv shows, and music.

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