My Favorite Trail Runs in My Home of L.A.!

By Maya Aviezer (aka Maika)


Let’s talk about my favorite topic: running. Running is not only my life, but it’s also my passion! It’s the one thing that helps my mental health above all else. Some days my runs wind up being more like walks with a jog warm-up, but regardless of the speed, my philosophy is that it’s important to get your body moving, preferably outdoors, especially if you’re living in L.A. and have amazing weather year-round. 


With that said, here are my favorite trails in L.A. if you live here or ever find yourself here on vacation (: 


Los Liones: 

The trail is a little narrow, but it’s so much fun if you have a lot of energy and want to race your friends up to the top. The first plateau is about 2 miles from the trailhead. There are a few, little steep bursts but they are perfect for sprints (; The view is INCREDIBLE by the way, and there’s the cutest little bench at the top where you can catch your breath and enjoy the view before heading back down (or continuing up if you’re feeling ambitious).


Zuma Ridge TrailHead: 

This is a little further up Malibu, but I love this trail so much. It’s close to where I grew up and I’ve done this hike more times than I can count. I love it because the trail is super wide, you rarely see any people, and you can choose to run, walk, power walk, whatever you want! You’re going to get an amazing workout no matter what you choose to do and there’s ALWAYS parking (: 


Solstice Canyon:

I have to admit I’ve been gatekeeping this spot because it’s one of my new favorites. It’s less for trail running and more for a good long hike although you could totally run this if you wanted to. The loop takes me about an hour and a half and the view is breathtaking. It’s not too steep and is the best trail to go on with your bestie for a nice long catch-up. I recommend getting there on the earlier side before crowds show up. 


Runyon Canyon: 

If you’ve never been to L.A., this is a must-do trail. I know it’s trendy, but I do secretly love this trail. I always start at the Fuller entrance and go up to the left (small dirt road). This part is incredibly steep so be prepared! It’s definitely more of an advanced route but it’s a lot of fun especially if you do it with friends and are prepared to be sore the next day. I do a combo of jog/walk/ sprint (up the hills). It’s a good trail to challenge yourself and push your limits. Not to mention on the way back down, you will have some epic people watching opportunities haha. 


That sums up my favorite spots… until I discover the next batch! I always bring a change of shoes after my hikes to slip into before I get coffee because I always get a little dusty. My Vionic recovery sandals fit the bill. Not only can I slip them on after a run or hike, but more importantly they help with my active recovery. They provide the comfort that I am looking for, but have stability and support that my feet and body need. 


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