New Year, New Ambitions: Achieve Your “Best You” Goals With These 6 Tips

Goodbye, 2021 and hello, 2022! Kick off the new year on the right foot by setting goals that are both achievable and enjoyable. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. Whether it’s launching an exercise routine, eating healthier, honing your work-life balance—or all of the above—get on the right track quicker with these 6 tips for creating smart, intentional objectives that you can stick with. Doing this planning beforehand will help you feel great and thrive. So … get ready, get set, and goal!


1. When it comes to goals, be specific.

Ask yourself, “what is it I want to achieve and how will I know when I successfully accomplish it?” If you’re looking to gain strength, limit your phone time, add more veggies into your diet, or get your meditation on, try to be as clear about the motivation—or motivations—behind all of it. If you can’t clearly answer, or aren’t content with the progress you’re making, you might need to refine your target and your expectations. Think big, but start in small, manageable ways. And never forget to cut yourself some slack.

2. Get inspired and put it on paper.

Setting up an inspiration board might be the ticket to creating some momentum with your goal. Host family or friends for a fun evening of goal-setting brainstorming. Things they want to achieve might spark something that you hadn’t considered for yourself, and vice versa. Talking about what you want to accomplish can also generate greater accountability, especially if you partner with someone on a common goal. Get out the magazines, scissors and markers, and go wild! Hang your completed board on the wall as a visual to remind yourself that your goals are within reach. You’ll be surprised by the impact it will have!

3. Be realistic and consistent.

While we often have high hopes on January 1, things don’t always pan out perfectly, and motivation can wane when we’re too ambitious. So it’s time to be realistic. Part of that realism comes with looking at your calendar and thinking about how much time you can regularly dedicate toward an objective. Once you decide on that, time block it! We tend to have greater follow-through on goals we write down versus those we just talk about. Whether it be stretching in the morning before work, going for walks or hitting the gym at lunch, meal prepping on the weekends, or starting a weekly family movie night, a solid schedule will see you through.

4. Find your happy place.

Environment is everything, so set yourself up for success by designating a regular space to achieve your goals. Whether it be exercising at home, a favorite park, local track or gym, find a place that inspires you. On the food front, clean up your kitchen if you want to cook more! Organize your refrigerator and pantry so that making delicious meals is that much easier and less stressful. If you’re trying to create better work-life balance, separate your desk from your sleeping space for clear boundaries. And remember, unplugging from those devices we love brings us greater joy than we know.

5. Gear up (our favorite)!

Invest in the tools you need to make your goal come to life. If it’s nutrition, stock up on healthy food and clear the decks of junk. For exercise, this includes finding clothing, equipment and … footwear! Keeping your feet supported and comfortable can help prevent injury and optimize your health. As a brand focused on wellness, our Vionic active styles are go-tos for avid exercisers. Bonus, they’re stylish too. Check them out here! Some of our favorites for getting those steps in are the colorful, waterproof Guinn sneaker and our stylish, slip-on London sneaker. Oh, and our men’s Classic Walker sneaker is always a winner. You’re going to feel like a million bucks this next year, so start with quality sneakers that inspire you to move!

6. Add in the fun factor.

Real talk—goals are rarely successful if you don’t enjoy yourself doing them. Buddy up with a friend for a hike, watch a show while walking on your treadmill, or blast your favorite tunes while you lift weights. Listen to a podcast while you cook, or host a meal-swap party where everyone exchanges nutritious homemade food! To add balance to your life, think about what new hobbies you want to learn, books you want to read, or places you want to travel, and take steps towards making them reality. Speaking of travel, create a health and wellness goal around a destination—it could be a place that hosts a sporting event that you can train toward, or somewhere you can go to just get away from it all. Vionic has great footwear options to make any adventure all the more comfortable. Our Vionic Beach collection is a great place to start for easy breezy kicks, so your feet feel as relaxed as you do.


Of course, there is no shortage of goals that you can set (and we’ve touched on a few!), but the first step is knowing how to set them. We trust these steps have been helpful—and we’ll be touching base with you throughout the year with new ways to pursue “your best you.”  


Wherever life takes you on your health and wellness journey, Vionic is ready to be your footwear partner in it all. So, lace up and find your stride—we’re with you every step of the way. Happy 2022!


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