Orthaheel Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Our customer reviews mean the world to us. They tell us what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. Thankfully, what these reviews have in common is that we have:

Shoes good for plantar fasciitis.

We’re proud to say that you don’t have to search very far to find a glowing review of what customers often refer to as Vionic’s best shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Perusing the web, we stumbled across this review at Squidoo, written by someone who’s “battled plantar fasciitis for many years”:

Flip-flops and me never really got along…. The pain didn’t seem worth the fashion statement. But the minute I slipped my feet into a pair of Orthaheels, my feet fell in love. I’m not kidding you. Seriously, I felt balanced and the weight was evenly distributed across my entire foot…. For the first time ever I am wearing flip-flops on a daily basis during the summer and my feet have never felt better.

This customer is lucky she found them just in time for summer. That’s when plantar fasciitis tends to rear its ugly head as people suddenly venture outside to revive their walking and running habits, or to wear flat, unsupportive flip-flops!

But you may be wondering, “How can flip-flops possibly be shoes good for plantar fasciitis?” Because these flip-flops are different. You get built-in orthotic support that’s unheard of in a normal or regular flip-flop or sandal. True story!

Vionic Shoes feature built in orthotic support making them excellent plantar fasciitis shoes

Here’s what another raving fan has to say about good walking shoes for plantar fasciitis:

Very comfy, bought two for my trip to Europe where I expect lots of walking. Starting wearing them at home, great arch support. I have plantar fasciitis and I find these foot beds really make the difference. Great walking shoe! – Bougainvilla

If you have this condition, you know how critical it is to find good walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. The minute your feet hit the floor each morning, they may cry out: don’t take another step! Easier said than done, right? But it is more than possible—with the right shoes.

And, yes, great arch support does make all the difference. That’s partly because it helps lessen the tension on your plantar fascia. That’s the band of tissue that provides both support and shock absorption on the bottom of your foot.

Talk about happy customers:

This is my tenth pair of Orthaheel shoes and I love them because they’re cleverly designed to look like expensive summer sandals instead of good-for-your-foot-health shoes. I suffered from plantar fasciitis for five years before Orthaheel shoes came out. Now they’re all I wear. The arch support is the best of any shoe I’ve tried. – Gemlover

“In my seventies, I ended up with plantar fasciitis from having tried to run around barefoot in the summer sun. Nothingand I mean NOTHINGbesides this shoe fits and melts away the pain. And it is not remotely clunkily orthotic.” – Cesaly

Style AND comfort…. So you can have your cake and eat it, too!

No time like the present to shop for orthaheel shoes for plantar fasciitis. You won’t regret it.

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  2. Help I have plantar fasciitis!! Where do I buy Vionic shoes in Calgary?

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