Meet Susan Griffin-Black of EO Products | Vionic Shoes

In 1995, Susan Griffin-Black and her co-founder, Brad Black, started EO Products in a garage in San Francisco. They decided to name their company EO for the essential oils that were the heart and soul of everything they would create. This began a creative process that would evolve over the next twenty years into hundreds of products researched, developed, manufactured, and shipped to millions of happy people.

 Today EO Products has two successful personal care brands, EO® and Everyone™, and is sold in more than 10,000 retail outlets throughout the world. Susan is at the helm of a company dedicated to making responsible products that nurture the people who use them, respect people who make them, and honor the planet we all share.


Describe your company in a few words. What style need does it fill?

Everyone™ makes essential oils accessible to everyone. Here at EO® and Everyone™, essential oils are our passion. We’ve been working with them for over 25 years, and they immensely enhance our quality of life, connecting us with nature. 

When you smell an essential oil, you are truly brought into the present moment. You can’t really multitask when inhaling an essential oil – it forces you to stop and truly smell the roses in a practical and vital way.


Describe your personal go-to style.

I tend to wear black, with a little bit of white and pops of color. I lean towards minimalism and comfort.

As a female-founded business, how do you define the Vionic Secret: “Style, it doesn’t have to hurt”?

I think that if we feel good, which for me means being in good health, having good skin, a great meal, and great relationships with the people in our lives – how we look is a reflection of that. I believe this all comes from honesty and vitality. 


What’s empowering about a confident woman?

I think that a confident woman’s authenticity, vulnerability and being able to speak her truth are most compelling.


What’s your secret to feeling your best?

Meditation is important to me- I have been a Zen Buddhist student for 25 years- as well as practicing hot yoga, eating well, getting a good night’s sleep and really being thankful for the people I love in my life. 


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  1. Jacki Harvey-Reum

    I really like my ionic shoes. I am an EO user but a different brand.

  2. Barbara Edmonds

    I have never used Essential Oils.

  3. Karla K Lubahn

    Love love Vionic shoes

  4. Vionic flip flops have saved my feet!!!! We love and use Everyone products daily!

  5. I love ❤️ love my tall Vionic boots! I am on my feet all day, working at a clothing store and have praised their comfort to dozens of my customers. I cannot find any other brand of boots or shoes (besides sneakers) that I can wear for an entire week day. My only problem is saving up to buy shoes for the next season. Vionics are not cheap, but “you get what you pay for” and they are worth saving for!

  6. I love vionic!! I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot from walking on hospital floors for 30 years. Some days I struggle with pain so severe I can barely walk. Vionic has really helped me so much. I now have 5 pairs of shoes and flip-flops and if I wear these every day, I can walk without pain! They make my life almost normal!

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