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The word PAPYRUS (PAH·PIE·RUS) comes from the earliest form of paper crafted from the papyrus plant. The company was founded in a family kitchen over 60 years ago, inspired by a love of fine art and a vision for products of uncompromising quality from which genuine personal connections could be made. Today, there are more than 200 PAPYRUS retail locations across Canada and the United States offering an ever-expanding array of distinctive and luxurious merchandise, including stationery, custom-printed announcements and wedding invitations, products for entertaining, high-end greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags, stationery, personalized note cards, journals, unique gift items that combine creativity with flair.

Dominque Schurman is the CEO of Schurman Retail Group which owns retail brands such as Papyrus. We sat down with Dominque to find out more about how she runs her business and her secrets to confidence.

Describe your company in a few words.  What style need does it fill?

Our company is in the relationship business. We strive to inspire people to reach out and connect with others in a style that reflects their personal sensibility. As such, within our brand principles of designing products of the highest quality and style, we strive to provide a diverse and dynamic selection.


Describe your personal ‘go to’ style.

My personal style is classic blended with old world glamour. I love the eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage.


As a female founded business, how do you interpret the Vionic Secret: ‘Style. It doesn’t have to hurt’?

In my view, it means that everyone should be themselves. If you are true to yourself, your genuine passion will shine through.


What’s empowering about a confident woman?

I believe confidence inspires confidence. When we see confident leaders, they set the tone for others and as such, inspire growth.


What’s your secret to feeling your best?

I work to have a good balance in life to include my private time to enjoy the outdoors. This time give me space to clear my mind and often think about new ideas. I also find that leaving technology off or out of reach in my off hours helps me to separate as I need to. Having time to think outside of the work hours really enhances my sense of well being overall.

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  1. Have been wearing Vionic shoes for several years. Only shoes I own.
    Have a bad back. Couldn’t shop in stores at all without having days of severe pain. Started wearing Vionics and WOW, may have some discomfort but not in fear of shopping as before.

  2. I love this brand of shoes. They are so comfortable. I have a mortans neurons on my left foot. This brand of shoe is a life saver. I have several pair.

  3. Wear Vionic shoes/sandals every day and so confortable. Really like arch support.

  4. I went on your web site to find a store in my area who sells your shoes. Put in my zip code and was told that Norstrams dept store in freehold Nj. I drove 45 min to get there only to find out they don’t carry your shoes anymore. You should update your info center

    • We are so sorry to hear this, Terry! We apologize for the inconvenience but appreciate you letting us know. Thank you!

  5. Mona Shannon

    My podiatrist said I Needed surgery for a huge LUMP in, & protruding from my left arch. It was SOoo painful, it would even wake me up at night. (He said I had plantar fachitis). I just didn’t want to have surgery, so I heard about Orthaheels, & bought a pair of slippers. And since I am disabled I’m at home 95% of the time. I started to CONSTANTLY wear my new slippers, & they felt so good to my feet I bought a pair of sandals too!; that was about 5 years ago. It wasn’t to long before the huge lump-in my arch started to get smaller, & the pain was getting less & less. As of today I can’t see the lump, & can barely feel it in my arch. I am SOOO GREATFUL, Vionic/Orthaheels literally saved me from having-to have surgery! Needless to say it’s the ONLY brand of shoes I’ll wear. They have even saved me from having to be barefoot after a 6 hr plane trip. I had wore my Vionic sandals, & the straps were Adjustable. My feet had swelled so much, I couldn’t put them on, But “YES” I had wore my adjustable ones! So I just loosened up the straps, & once again my Vionics rescued me!! And I don’t have any pain, anymore,! Nobody should hesitate to buy these great shoes! ( I do have a request that I hope someone who designs these great shoes will see this; *”PLEASE Could you make more ADJUSTABLE ones”? I’d love to have a pair of Flip Flops, ie. “Tides”, that had adjustable straps. I’ve noticed on my newest pair of slippers that I’ve had about 7 months, the arch seems to be getting flatter quickly. My first pair the quality of the support seemed so much better. ( did I just get a flawed pair, Or has Vionic changed the Arch quality)? I have high arches, but my left foot still Needs my VIONICS. I know if I quit wearing them, the Big Lump & the pain would come back. I do want to THANK-YOU, for saving me from having to have Surgery; & Not having to get off my plane trip barefoot!!
    A VERY GRATEFUL CUSTOMER, Ms Shannon ( a retired RN )

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