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Suzanne Bryant, founder of Yoga IS, began her journey 20 years ago. Yoga has been her anchor throughout her entire life – allowing her to overcome anxiety and serving as the biggest support in one of the darkest times in her life. When Suzanne lost her mother at 57 years old to breast cancer, she was filled with doubt, uncertainty, and deep sadness. Though Suzanne had been practicing and teaching yoga for years, it didn’t immediately occur to her that the teachings and wisdom of yoga could help her with what she was going through. Not knowing what else to do, she dove deeper into her yoga practice in hopes of finding some clarity.

This deeper exploration into yoga was the inspiration for her first film, Yoga IS: A Transformational Journey. Suzanne traveled to India, the birthplace of yoga, to study under the world’s most prominent teachers and gurus, and she studied with renowned thought-leaders in the US who were advocating the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Through each of these experiences, she was able to turn something that felt so dark into something bright and beautiful. Through the help of yoga, she was able to celebrate her mother, not just mourn the loss.


The response to the film was immediate – Suzanne was flooded with emails, inquiries and requests for more answers, deeper discussions, and further explanations of the material she covered. These heartfelt messages are what inspired Suzanne to imagine new ways to bring this conversation into even more homes and more families. That is how the Yoga IS Online was born.



Describe your company in a few words.


Yoga IS brings the world’s most exclusive yoga, meditation, and wellness experts together on one site. You can explore a variety of classes, styles, and exclusive interviews from anywhere on the planet. Yoga IS gives you daily tools to be your most vibrant and empowered self, to live a life of meaning and at your true potential. Yoga IS is my passion. I have seen tremendous positive changes in my life, and it’s ultimately why I created Yoga IS – to make yoga and wellness accessible to everyone.


Describe your personal ‘go to’ style.


My personal go-to is a dress. For me, it’s simple – dresses are easy to throw on and pair with great shoes and a necklace. For a casual look, I’ll wear a shirt dress with booties or wedges. For evening and dinner dates, I love the feeling of a long, silk slip-dress with a leather jacket or long cashmere sweater and ankle boots or a strappy sandal. I like to incorporate a bohemian yet edgy and comfortable look. 


As a female founded business, how do you interpret the Vionic Secret: ‘Style. It doesn’t have to hurt’?


Style is creative- it’s a true expression of yourself. It doesn’t have to hurt to be stylish; it’s about blending your lifestyle with those unique and magical aspects of you. When you are comfortable in what you wear, you feel a sense of confidence and ease. That reflects in every area of our lives and our work. People can relate and connect with someone that is real. I feel that as a female entrepreneur, I have more freedom in my style since I am not in an office everyday, so I pick items that bring me joy and comfort with a little edge. I love that today’s style is more relaxed and personal than ever before, and that’s why I adore Vionic shoes! They are comfortable and stylish and yet fashion forward and are often the accent piece in my wardrobe. 


What’s empowering about a confident woman?


When a woman knows her “why,” it’s the most attractive and empowering. When she is comfortable in her being, accepting of herself, and grateful for who she is – that is true power. It’s attractive and magnetic. It’s about knowing your mission in life and what you want to share with the world. When we show up as our authentic self we are confident, and others can feel our passion and vivacious energy. Whenever I see another woman that is empowered in her being, rather than critical about herself, she inspires me to go out there, and keep showing up as me. 


What’s your secret to feeling your best?


To feel my most vibrant self, I have my “nurturing non-negotiables”: 8 hours of sleep, daily yoga or a hike, meditation to clear my mind, lots of water & green juices, a healthy diet, and weekend work-free adventures! My weekends are about exploring other aspects of myself- it’s about trying something completely new and opening up to a variety of experiences. Whether it’s music, a new restaurant, taking a day trip to somewhere local or discovering a new art exhibit, these all bring about a sense of expansiveness. This allows me to tap into another part of myself, and I can bring those influences into my daily life and work. This makes my world feel exciting and diverse, and it is my source of rejuvenation. 


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