More on Feet: Metatarsalgia

Although ball of foot pain is more common in women, it may also affect men. Inflammation and ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia) is a symptom of other conditions – often overuse injuries from high-impact sports or problems from poorly fitting shoes or high heels. Other possible contributors are excess weight, certain toe shapes, and hammertoes and bunions.


Ball of foot pain chain reaction.Rotation and dropping (plantar flexion) of the metatarsal bones along with excess pronation may result. Soft-tissue structures, such as ligaments and muscle, may also weaken. Sometimes a callus develops in the center of the foot and footwear may wear out in a similar area. Calluses cause a burning sensation and can cause severe ball of foot pain.

Relieving ball of foot pain. Orthotics can align the central three metatarsal shafts to correctly maintain the metatarsal bone position. Balancing the weight over the five metatarsal bones helps reduce impact and friction, a common cause of the callus and burning pain in feet.



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  1. I am requesting that you make the Holly sandal again. It is the only shoe that is comfortable for me and I can’t find the olive anywhere in an 8. Please let me know if you have any left over.

  2. Can a metatarsal pad be worn with your shoes?

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