Style Spotlight: the Floriana toe-post

It’s getting to be that time of year… That’s right, sandal season. We’re all dying to shed our layers, get outside and take in some much-needed vitamin D! As a testament to the importance of stylish sandals, we spoke to our VP of Design and Development, David Warwick, about one of his favorite styles for the spring and summer season!

The Floriana Toe Post sandal design is a favorite for spring and summer

“We drew inspiration for Floriana from our travels to Paris, Barcelona and Rome,” says David, whose team travels to exotic locales throughout the year, scouting out the latest trends.

“We were inspired by seeing unexpected material mixes throughout Europe, and the layering of accents and embellishments to add depth and color. We loved the idea of using rich textured prints such as Snakeskin and Croco as the base, then layering on beads in saturated colors like Coral and Turquoise. Metal studded details were also important and helped pull the entire look together.”

We love hearing about the inspiration behind our favorite shoes. And as much as he travels, David still finds his creativity sparked by “thinking about all the occasions where our customer could wear this fun style, and all the outfits she could team it with.”

What’s his favorite part about the Floriana, one of our current best-sellers? “It is just so effortlessly chic!”

And, like all of our footwear, it’s not only stylish, it’s functional! Read more about the science behind our style here.

25 Responses to “ Style Spotlight: the Floriana toe-post ”

  1. Tasneem Jafferjee

    I have been getting down orthaheel/vionic sandals through friends. The top rubbery material starts peeling off after a few wears.I live in Sri Lanka where the climate is humid and hot.Please advice

    • Kate Nishimura

      Tasneem, please be advised that none of our products are recommended or intended for extreme moisture, which could account for the issue you’re experiencing.

    • Shirley VanHorn

      I am having the same problem with my shoes with the rubbery material on the footbed peeling off. For the price of these sandals I do not feel the footbed should be peeling off. My shoes are less than a month old.

  2. To who it may concern, I used to wear Birkenstocks , but I sometimes have to walk through wet grass, and they don’t wear so well , how do your shoes compare.

    • Kate Nishimura

      Kerry, as mentioned to the commenter above, none of our products are recommended or intended for extreme moisture. Our shoes and sandals wear well under day-to-day normal conditions but should not be worn in the rain, for example.

    • julie johnson

      I bought a pair of Tide II post sandals four years ago for my plantar fasciitis. I have worn them in the rain, in wet grass, in sand, and just for regular running around doing errands in the summer. I have had no problems with them and they still look just like new! I love them!!!! They are well worth the money, and my feet NEVER hurt when I wear them.

  3. I luv my vionic sneakers…can’t wait to get other styles..
    Vionic will be my only shoe I will ever wear..
    My arthritis doesn’t hurt as much..I’m able to enjoy walking again..

    • Kate Nishimura

      Mary, we’re glad to hear that you Vionic sneakers are working out for you! Looking forward to hearing your feedback on our other styles.

  4. Please please start making shoes in narrow. I have many of your shoes but must make them fit by using moleskin. You are making wide sizes so why not narrow. Appreciate your info on your inspiration but why not use some of that to create narrow styles. Have asked this question many times but have never received an answer.

    • Christine scherb

      I agree we need narrow. I wear medium width, by your medium in Vionic runs slightly wider than average

      • Kate Nishimura

        Christine, as mentioned in another comment, currently we do not offer narrow widths, although you might find a good fit with our adjustable sandals.

    • Kate Nishimura

      Bernadette, currently we do not offer narrow widths, although you might find a good fit with our adjustable sandals. Also do know that we continuously share customer feedback – including your comments here – with our product design & development team, and with our fit team who is focused exclusively on fit (ensuring it’s as consistent and true to size as possible). We appreciate and value your feedback.

  5. Theresa Keiser

    Love vionic Bella 2 and have to pairs, I was very unhappy with floriana I returned it the strap rub on my skin really back .
    I have very narrow feet and it seems like all your shoes and sandles run med/large I would purchase more but I cqnt for thwt reason.
    I will would purchase Mohave or Cascade but my feet are to narrow.

    • Kate Nishimura

      Theresa, as mentioned to the commenter above, although we don’t currently offer narrow widths you might find a good fit with our adjustable sandals (styles that have multiple adjustable straps, not just the one adjustable strap like Mojave). We continuously share customer feedback – including your comments here – with our product design & development team and our fit team. Your feedback is helpful.

  6. Vionic sandels have saved my feet
    I need to have a multi proceedure on both my feet
    I also have multiple sores on my feet from wearing against other toes
    Vionics straighten my feet and toes enough that the sores are starting to heal
    And i will be able to finally get the surgeries i need
    I will NEVER be without a pair of vionic
    You have a lifetime customer in mr
    Thank you for designing such an awesome shoe

    • Kate Nishimura

      Susan, thank you for your feedback, and for being a lifetime customer and fan! We’re very happy to hear that your Vionic sandals are working out well for you and your feet.

  7. Just received a random email from your company. I adore the styles of these shoes and would dearly love to buy a pair. However it seems they are not on sale in the UK? Or am I missing somthing? Please advise if these will ever be available in the UK.

  8. Love Vionic! I have a very high arch and these shoes take the strain off my feet. They also help my pronation. I have 2 pr. Florian teal and pink, also have many tides, a yellow Bella and the short booties in tan. So nice to have closed toed shoes for the northern states. Thanks.

  9. Yes, PLEASE add narrow widths! I wear an 11 narrow and good fitting “ordinary” shoes are hard to find. Since your shoes are not only feel awesome, but also stylish, it would be WONDERFUL to be able to have a closet full of Vionics! Right now, though, I only wear your thong sandals, and sometimes, depending on the situation, they slide around on my feet. I haven’t purchased your sandals with multiple adjustable straps, as they make my foot look too large.
    Again, PLEASE add narrow widths. Thanks!

  10. Believe it or not, injured my feet during a fall and the process to heal was a boot for 6 weeks, causing atrophy in both my feet. Can barely walk until I purchased your shoes. I can even feel my toes at times and can walk and go shopping. Such a wonderful product. Thank you for the gift..

  11. esther kallner

    I recently purchased two pairs of Vionic slide sandals from QVC/ I find the inner sole covering is a little rough on my feet. Can you suggest anything that can makethe inner sole to feel softer?

  12. I live in middle east
    can I find ur footwear in muscat or dubai
    also do u sell in india?

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