the lowdown on high heels

High heels may seem like a good idea at first… making legs look longer, giving posture a bit of attitude and all that sexy stuff. The trouble is, as most of us have experienced, they don’t feel great on foot for very long. Anyone ever taken off their high heels at a wedding reception and danced the night away barefoot? Yep, we feel your pain. We’ve been just as guilty.

Look how the following infographic illustrates the aches and pains commonly associated with frequently wearing high heels. If you’re already wincing, check out our latest wedge heels! They provide stability, relief and classic style, so you can walk in them all day long without discomfort.

Infographic illustrates aches and pains associated with the effect of wearing high heels

And hey, we’re not suggesting you never wear high heels. They’re tons of fun! What we are suggesting is that by taking care of your feet and fitting them properly in supportive shoes, your comfort and confidence can be just as beautiful.

[Editor’s note: Infographic sourced from Mayo Clinic]

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