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Amazing women are all around us. At Vionic, we’re fortunate enough to have many of those women working in all aspects of the company, with a great amount in leadership roles. As part of our ever-growing appreciation, we want to celebrate the women who make Vionic what it is by highlighting their stories, achievements and more with our Women of Vionic blog series.

Lisa Bazinet is the Executive VP, Global Brand Architect at Vionic. Embodying both passion and commitment, she encourages those who work with her to approach challenges with tenacity and to express compassion towards one another. As a distinguished leader in the company of 10 noteworthy years, Lisa is our Women of Vionic spotlight of the week!


How long have you been with Vionic?

This marks my 10th year at Vionic!


What’s your title role at Vionic, and what does that entail?

My title is EVP, Global Brand Architect. What does that really mean? I oversee the Marketing and Digital areas of the company. But, I like to say that my job is to know and grow our customers. I truly enjoy meeting our customers, to learn how they discovered Vionic and how we can improve what we do to connect with even more people who may become fans of the brand.


Why did you choose to work at Vionic?

I’ve always been drawn to a product or brand that has an authentic and compelling story to tell.  When I saw how a simple sandal (in the early years that’s all we had!) changed peoples’ lives, I was hooked.  What has kept me here for 10 years? The people and the evolution of the product. We’ve grown quickly and been fortunate to weather tough times with the economy and retail.  Each year has presented a new set of challenges, yet our culture has made it possible to embrace each phase with passion and confidence that we’ll continue to reach new heights.


What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment at Vionic?

Helping to guide this ever-changing and growing brand, evolving from just a handful of team members to now 150 strong. Our 2014 transition from Orthaheel to Vionic was a pivotal time, so I’d probably say that was my single greatest accomplishment.


How does Vionic empower women?

We’re equals, and contributions to our business come from all areas and levels. Anyone who has something to contribute has that opportunity to share it, regardless of their gender, orientation or anything else!  And not that the topic of ‘wellness’ is specific to women, but it is too often neglected by women who are balancing families and lives outside of work. We have a terrific wellness program that hopefully encourages women to prioritize balance and their overall well-being.


How do Vionic’s values speak to you?

I deeply believe in the company’s purpose.  It is incredibly gratifying to be able to bring style and supreme comfort to a growing number of people. Also, our values and beliefs are central to my own. When those are aligned, my ‘job’ is my passion.


What advice do you have for young women starting in the workforce?

Understand your strengths and look for a role that will allow them to shine.  With that, your confidence grows, and your performance (and happiness!) follows. Be ready to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself. And finally, never lose your desire to learn from others!


Where do you see the future of Vionic heading?

Our purpose really guides us: “…bringing joy to peoples’ lives, starting with their feet.”  As does our brand tagline, “Walk. Move. Live.” These will inspire everything we do. With our biomechanical support inside every shoe, we can expand our products to meet the needs of men and women around the globe, for specific occupations and many occasions. The exciting – and less known – area is how people will discover and try Vionic. Retailing is evolving so quickly, and it’s exciting to explore new ways to bring Vionic to customers.


Do you have a favorite Vionic style?

Oh, that’s so tough!  Lately I’m loving our heels (like our new Blaire) because I can wear a 3-inch heel confidently and all day without needing a ‘back-up’ pair. I thought those days were over!


What’s your secret to feeling your best self?

Just one?! For me, it takes a few that I strive to pursue every day … Know and be true to yourself. Find and share gratitude. Surround yourself with people who share these values.



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