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Happy International Women’s Day! It’s important to celebrate the confident, intelligent and resilient women in our lives — not only just today but everyday. At Vionic, we’re fortunate enough to have many of those women working in all aspects of the company with a great amount in leadership roles. As part of our ever-growing appreciation, we want to celebrate the women who make Vionic what it is by highlighting their stories, achievements and more.

Christina Goebel is the VP of Global Digital at Vionic and inspires all that works with her to have fun, work hard, and achieve as a team. The epitome of “no job is too small,” our fearless leader of the digital realm is our Women of Vionic spotlight of the week!


What’s your role at Vionic and what does that entail?

I head up our digital department from a global perspective. It’s a cool title, but not many people know what that means. I’m responsible for creating a wonderful and delightful experience for Vionic Fans on our digital channels – social media, our blog, and of course, our website. Whether you are finding a store or buying shoes, I want to make it easy to find just the right pair. Of course, this takes an amazing team, both here in the U.S. and worldwide. So, really my job is about listening to the ideas from our digital team members. It’s also to empower them to cultivate their ideas, to collaborate, and to just go for it.


How long have you been with Vionic?

It will be 4 years in June! Vionic has grown so much in that time. The growth has been amazing to witness, and it’s completely aligned with the vision for a new kind of company (it’s one of the reasons I started working here).

Why did you choose to work at Vionic?

I love what we make. I love our core value of empowering people to feel great about themselves. We can all do more and just live more if we can be comfortable and confident. By wearing shoes that make us feel confident in how we look and how we feel, we can achieve this. I love all the stories we get everyday from men and women that couldn’t walk, or work or play with their kids until they found our shoes. Those stories inspire me every day!

And I love who we are and our culture. Our founders, Chris and Bruce, are passionate about our products, but just as importantly they are passionate about creating a different kind of company. One that really cares about every employee and where each employee contributes to the success of the company. In a way, we all know how valuable everyone’s role is to success.


How does Vionic empower women?

There’s something so fun about a new pair of shoes, you see it even in little kids. We’ve all had that pair of shoes that were so cute in the store, but you can only where them on nights you’ll mostly be sitting, or you have to kick them off under your desk, or bring another pair in your bag. Wearing a pair of shoes that not only looks great but feels great all day means you can get on with living the rest of your life. Whether you’re playing or standing tall in a meeting, this is one place you no longer have to make a compromise.


Where do you see the future of Vionic heading?

Every year the quality of design and materials gets better, and we get more styles including men’s. This means we reach more people and empower more days for each of our current fans. Most of my shoe closet has been taken over by Vionic shoes. There are just a few shoes that haven’t been replaced, and I’m always hesitant to wear them because I know I won’t be comfortable. Seeing what’s next in the upcoming seasons, I’m pretty sure those will be replaced soon.


What advice do you have for young women starting in the workforce?

I have three teenage girls, so they hear it from me all the time. Approach everything with a sense of curiosity. No one expects you know what you are doing (yet). But, if you are enthusiastic and genuinely want to learn, then others will help you with your growth.


Do you have a favorite Vionic style?

I love the Reagan. It’s as comfortable as a slipper, but it brings just the right amount of polish to any outfit.


What’s your secret to feeling your best self?

Whenever I’m confronted with something new or challenging that’s making me feel anxious I tell myself, “It’s going to be so great when I figure this out.” This nugget of advice was given to me many years ago by a professor in my MBA program. It lived on a sticky note on my desk at work for a long time. Now I use it for all aspects of life, and it really helps me face “the hard stuff” with optimism and curiosity, allowing me to be my best self. My kids are pretty sick of hearing me say it when they are stuck on a difficult homework or social problem, but it seems to work for them too.




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  1. We with wide feet, elders, arthritic women, need adjustable, WIDE, WIDE attractive Vionic shoes.
    Pretty colors are cheerful and fun.
    Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we don’t want to look pretty, stylish WHILE FEELING SUPPORTED BY THE ARCH AND HEEL SPECIAL DESIGN.
    I IMPLORE YOU, MAKE SIZE 11, WWW for those of us taller, wider women. Thanks

    • Thank you for reaching out, Georgia. At this time, we only offer styles in medium, narrow and wide width. However, we do value what our consumers have to say, and we like to share feedback such as yours with our design and fit teams. If you have any other feedback, please feel free to share with us.

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