Walkabout WEEK FOUR!

You’re nearing the end of our challenge, but it should only be the beginning of your journey to wellness!

You can still participate and WIN!

Walk every day and share what inspires you to take each step! Post photos of your journey, quotes that move you, or anything that helps hold you accountable (or that may help others to keep walking the walk).

Use hashtag #vionicwalkabout to join the conversation.

What can you WIN?

We’ll give away a pair of Zen or Endurance walking shoes at the end of each week to the Walkabout participant who we find the most inspirational.

This week, we’ll also give away a copy of Dr. Andrew Weil’s New York Times Bestseller, True Food.

And as a GRAND PRIZE at the end of our 28-day Walkabout, we’ll choose an inspirational winner to take an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles for a personal training session with celebrity fitness expert, Juliet Kaska. And, we’ll outfit you for the sweat sesh!

So what’s stopping you? All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and, well, we’ve got those!

If you haven’t already signed up, SIGN UP NOW! 


28-Day Quest for Good Health Walkabout Logo (green)

What exactly IS Walkabout? A Walkabout is an Australian journey for well-being, during which one seeks to clarify his/her life purpose. It is a time of reflection and to reconnect with family and community.

Our version of Walkabout is inspired by the Aussies, but we’re walking it out to improve both physical and mental well-being, and to create healthy habits over the course of 28 days. It takes that long to make a habit, doesn’t it? Or so they say!






5 Responses to “ Walkabout 2014 ”

  1. I began my Walkabout 5 days ago, unfortunately I didn’t see the announcement until now, so I guess I’ll just have to do my walkabout in my Nikes……Darn.

  2. Day 1 in our Dr. Weil Rhythm shoes today! At first I thought they were really goofy looking, but as I ran my errands in them today I started thinking they are actually pretty snazzy! When I returned home from a long day in town, Toby and I hit the gravel road to walk our 3 miles. Normally I have knee pain all the time, everyday–especially after being on my feet all day. Before, during and after, being in these shoes was comfortable–and I had zero knee pain. I did however trade that pain in for a new one–hip. I think I just started using that muscle!

  3. My kick off day, Wednesday, was a travel day, so I got my first 30 minutes striding around the airport — not a bad way to kill time waiting for a redeye, and it definitely helped me sleep for the 5-hour flight! In the city, I’ll walk 30 blocks (15 out, 15 back); each block in NYC takes about one minute, and the streets in mid town are nice and smooth. And the weather is beautiful! Enjoy wherever you are! Peg M.

  4. The little black dog is my faithful companion. She’s getting old, like me, but we’re determined to keep in shape. This Challenge came at a perfect time for us, after a very sedentary winter. We are not only feeling better physically, but mentally as well. The white dog has been my house guest for the last week. She’s young and frisky and kept us on our toes when we didn’t feel like going. She goes home tomorrow and we’ll certainly miss her.

  5. Lee Faulconbridge

    I enjoyed the Walkabout event during the month of April. It was great to get outside as the weather finally went from cold, dark and drab to sunny, warm and wonderful. Being outside walking helped to boost my mood and energize me. Thanks for adding inspiration to keep on a fitness routine. Also thank you for the wonderful encouragement items. I loved the hat and the socks were fabulous! My husband is proudly wearing the t-shirt! Much thanks!!!

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