Walking tips from Juliet Kaska, leading fitness expert

Walkabout is just around the corner! What is Walkabout, you ask? Click here for the details! Basically, it’s our movement to support individuals on their road to wellness. It’s a 28-day walk in which anyone and everyone should pledge to participate.

This year, we’re excited to have the support of our official spokesperson, leading fitness expert Juliet Kaska. Juliet has worked with numerous Hollywood stars for over a decade now, and has trained in many disciplines. Still, she feels strongly that a regular walking routine can improve body, mind and soul. Here are some tips she has to get you started.

Juliet says:

Juliet Kaska, fitness expert and spokesperson for Vionic Shoes, shares great walking tips When clients ask me how to start a new fitness regimen after never regularly working out or after a long break, I always answer the same- get walking. It’s the easiest way to get yourself ready, mentally and physically. Walking alone is also enough to help steer you toward better heath. My favorite tip, though not for everyone, is to get a dog. It’s a no-excuse way to walk everyday with your loveable companion, plus, you get to have that lovable companion all the time!

Once you get walking, you want to make sure that you’ll be able to the next day as well, so here are some of my Walking and Post Walking Stretches and Tips:

Invest in a good pair of walking shoes. They will do wonders for your posture and joints. Minimizing the impact of each step. Look for lightweight flexible shoes and be sure to replace them often, especially if you’re walking every day.

Stay hydrated. Muscle cramps are never fun and are often the result of slight dehydration.

Stretch after your walk. Here are a few to be sure to do each time:

Stretch your IT Band (iliotibial band) that runs along the outside of your hip, thigh and knee. It’s a common area injured for runner but prolonged walking without proper stretching of this area can also lead to discomfort.
IT Band Stretches:
– Stand near the wall, chair or anything to lightly balance on. Cross your left leg over the right and extend left hand overhead and toward the right side. Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides.

Step forward with your left foot and bend knee until it’s in a 90 degree angle, but be sure to not let your knee travel past your toes. Keep your right heel planted on the ground and right leg straight. Engage your abs to avoid the stretch effecting your lower back. Hold for 30 seconds and switch legs.

– Stand with feet together and knees soft- do not let them lock. Slowly roll down from the waist and allow arms and head to hang heavy toward the ground. On each exhale allow your body to be pulled further toward the ground. Hold for 30 seconds and then slowly come back to standing using your abs to draw you back to upright.

Stretch your calf and hip.

Stretch your hamstrings.

Now – get out there and get started this weekend!


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