Warm-Weather foot care

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During the warmer months, it’s tempting to live in flat sandals and flip flops. After all, they’re easy, they slip on, and they allow us to live a carefree summer lifestyle. But it turns out, these simple shoes may not be doing wonders for your health.

Family Circle addresses this issue with the help of Brian Hoke, sports physical therapist and member of Vionic’s Innovation Lab. “Wearing flat footwear forces your arches to collapse and puts extra pressure on your toes or heels, which can eventually produce painful problems like plantar fasciitis,” says Hoke. Instead, he recommends a sandal with “a heel cup, a raised midfoot and enough cushioning that pushing on it leaves a dent.” To read more tips from Brian, hop over to FamilyCircle.com.

Vionic offers a wide array of summer sandals, from flip flops to casual flats to wedges, all with the support you need to keep your feet healthy and supported all summer long. Check them out here.


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