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Looking to spice up your fall wardrobe? Animal print is not a new fashion trend, but it’s one that can take any outfit from dull to daring. And while your wardrobe may be a novice to animal print, it’s a pattern that every woman can sport to create a stylish, enviable look — whether it’s through a bold display or a more subtle approach. To help you decide what works best for you, here are our recommendations of how to wear animal print.


Wrap It Up


With cooler weather approaching, stay cozy while looking chic with an animal print scarf. Paired with dark wash jeans and an oversized sweater, you’ll have an outfit fit for fall.


Step Into It



Walk on the wild side with animal pattern shoes. Our Midi Slip-on Sneaker in Natural Snake is eye-catching yet versatile, matching with almost any outfit in your closet. It also has our trusted support technology inside for a comfortable day out.


In a Cinch


One of the easiest ways to wear animal print is with a simple belt which can also create a flattering silhouette when worn at the waist. Have fun with this accessory by mixing and matching different patterns and colors.


Frame It

Featuring Reagan Mule



If you prefer to be more subtle with animal prints, then a pair of pattern sunglasses might be just right for you. Pair your sunnies with trendy culotte pants for a fresh, modern look.


Now that you have one trend down, learn how to style even more with your wardrobe. Find out how to wear some of this fall’s most popular trends in the office here. 

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