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It’s time to step into a discussion about orthotic boots. If you’ve only ever heard about orthotics in the context of athletic footwear, you’re not alone, but orthotic support can benefit you outside of just athletic or running shoes. In fact, wearing any type of shoe with orthotic support built-in can give you greater comfort with every step and offer a range of health benefits. It can be difficult to find trusted information about shoes beyond the realm of athletic footwear and athlete figures. It may feel like the foot health industry doesn’t place an emphasis on fashion and the fashion industry does not consider foot health or comfort, which leads the topic of fashionable shoes that benefit your foot health a rarely talked about topic. At Vionic, all of our casual and winter boots are orthotic friendly, supportive, and provide the perfect amount of cushioning in each and every step. We’re committed to changing that dynamic by providing you with the information you need to make an educated decision about whether or not boots with orthotics could be a beneficial addition to your footwear arsenal. We want you to feel informed and unstoppable in your pursuit for the perfect pair of comfortable and stylish orthopedic shoes which is why we want to give you the foundational knowledge you need.

We have earned a place in the industry as a trusted resource that has dedicated foot doctors, research teams, and shoe stylists to make sure you never have to choose between fashion and function when you’re shopping for boots. Along the way, we’ll educate you on what orthotic boots are and the benefits of wearing such supportive orthotic footwear.

Why You Should Be Wearing Orthotic Boots This Winter

What Exactly Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are foam foot supports that are engineered to fit the features of your feet and provide the footbed with the support and stability they need to be biomechanically efficient. What does biomechanical efficiency mean? Each of us has a unique foot type and with our arches, there is no one-size-fits-all. Some are born with medium arches, which are considered biomechanically efficient, but many people are born with deep or flat arches, both of which are considered biomechanically inefficient because the feet are more prone to certain injuries and movements that can be harmful to its key structural elements. For individuals with biomechanically inefficient feet or other foot conditions, orthotics can be the difference between pain with every step you take and feeling like you’re walking on a cloud. Keep in mind that even those with medium arches can benefit from a pair of built-in orthotics since they provide increased comfort, promote good arch support when walking, and encourage a number of other important health benefits.


When discussing orthotics, we want you to know that there is a difference between custom orthotics and over-the-counter orthotics. Custom orthotics are often made using a digital scan or cast of your feet at the direction of a podiatrist or orthopedist and are significantly more expensive than over-the-counter orthotics, though some medical insurance plans may cover part of or the entirety of orthotics. On the other hand, over-the-counter orthotics allow you to reap the benefits of orthotics without the prohibitive price tag. In fact, Vionic’s mission began out of a need for affordable and accessible treatment for people needing relief from foot and heel pain. The development of the first and only true orthotic available without a doctor’s prescription delivered the support and relief people need, without the high price tag, and is built into every pair of Vionic shoes and boots.

The Benefits of Wearing Orthotic Boots

When you think of boots, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely the style of the shoe, not whether your heel or metatarsal pad is being accounted for. Regardless of whether you prefer to wear motorcycle boots, taller knee-high styles, ankle boots, or whatever other style of boot matches your unique personality, it is vital that they have the supportive features for your feet to be truly comfortable.

Have you ever put on a cute pair of winter boots when you’re getting ready for the day only to come home at the end of the day with sore, aching feet? If you have, you’re not alone! Many of the cute, stylish boots you come across lack the supportive features and infrastructure your feet need to be properly supported, this can result in foot pain and leave you feeling disappointed and disheartened. Thankfully, that isn’t the way it has to be!

Orthotics are beneficial for much more than just athletic or running shoes, in fact, they are beneficial for every pair of shoes you are wearing, including boots and in some cases, dress shoes. By wearing orthotic boots for any season, you can still wear all of the latest fashion-forward styles you love with the supportive features your feet need built-in. Below are a few of the top reasons you should be wearing orthotic boots.

  • A day without foot and heel pain? Orthotic boots deliver! If you’re tired of ending your day with aching, sore feet, orthotic boots can be the difference between pain and comfort. Orthotic boots have supportive cushioning that delivers shock absorption for every movement, which will help to boost your comfort and keep you moving pain-free all day long. We know you’re busy and don’t want to worry about your feet hurting. These stability shoes can be worn every day, as well as help you ditch the stress so you can go wherever your feet take you without the residual discomfort.
  • Improved balance is just a step away. When you think of why you should be wearing orthotic boots, you may not immediately guess that it’s because they can help to improve your balance, but orthotic boots can do just that because of the supportive features they have built-in to keep the key structural elements of your feet supported.
  • Arch support you can feel? Yes, please! One of the top reasons why we recommend wearing orthotic boots is that they have arch support built-in that will help keep you properly supported, which can help ward off painful and cumbersome foot deformities like plantar fasciitis.
  • Even weight distribution now means fewer injuries later. Did you know that when your weight is evenly distributed certain areas of your feet and body will experience less pressure and stress? Depending on the structure of your feet, you could be unknowingly exerting more pressure on some elements of your feet or body, such as the balls of your feet or your back. The supportive infrastructure in orthotic boots helps to evenly distribute your weight, which can help reduce tenderness and soreness and prevent future injuries and reconstructive surgery.
  • Bunions, calluses, and corns? No, thank you! Did you know that common foot conditions like bunions, calluses, and corns can be caused by wearing improperly fitted shoes? Orthotic boots help prevent this by preventing rubbing and friction and keeping your feet in a healthy, comfortable environment.
  • The pain relief and prevention you’ve been searching for has arrived. If you’re suffering from foot pain, we know you will be looking for relief and comfort as soon as possible and we’re here to help! Orthotic boots can still compliment your wardrobe while also helping to relieve foot discomfort and prevent future problems from arising by keeping your feet stable and cushioned with every step.
  • Twisted ankles plaguing you? Orthotic boots can help prevent your ankles from rolling! Unfortunately, some of us are more prone to experience twisted ankles due to supination, which is common for individuals with high arches and is characterized by the foot rolling outwards. Orthotic boots help prevent this from occurring because of their deep heel cup that helps to protect the Achilles tendon, ensure foot stability and prevents the ankle from rolling outwards as you move.

If you’re looking for the best orthotic footwear, we’ve got all the top styles you need for every occasion. Our supportive shoes make sure you can build up a boot arsenal that will keep your feet comfortable and supported with every step. At Vionic, we have orthotics built into each pair of boots so that your arches are hugged like a natural footprint. Whether you have a rather flat or indented arch, you have the power of leading biomechanical technology supporting you with every step. For orthotic boots, women’s shoes for fall will keep you fashionable and your stress comfortable for all your adventures, day or night!

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