working off those holiday calories

We always suggest walking as a great form of exercise. After you see how the calories pile up during the holidays, you might be reaching for a supportive pair of walking shoes!


And like the meme above illustrates, running works too. If you go that route, be sure to wear supportive running shoes or add orthotic inserts to help reduce over-pronation. No one wants to start off the new year with aches and pains!

Disclaimer: We love an occasionally indulgent holiday dinner with friends and family, but we don’t condone the super-sized burger and cola!

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  1. I find that after running for about 15 minutes in my orthotics I get blisters just under my arches. I’m presuming that means there’s something wrong with the orthotics? Or is it the shoes? I’m going for new orthotics in the new year (go health insurance!) so let’s hope it makes a difference because I’d loved to run more often.

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